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ARCH X 473 Professional Internship Course Guidelines

The Professional Interior Architecture Internship course (ARCH X 473) will count as a 2-unit Elective in the Master of Interior Architecture degree program. Elective credits are not required for the Certificate Program. The internship course requires the completion of 136 working hours.

Please review the eligibility requirements and follow the steps below to ensure that you will properly complete an internship through the Architecture + Interior Design Program.


  • You must have established Candidacy in the Certificate Program. Master’s students are exempt from this criteria.
  • For Certificate students, you must have completed a minimum of 50% of the required 18 courses/82-units. If less than 50% has been completed, you must receive approval from the Program Advisor/Director. UCLA Extension policy pertaining to internships can be found here.
  • International student eligibility:  
    • If you are an international student in the Certificate Program at UCLA Extension, you must review and adhere to the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Policy.  
    • If you are an international student in the Master’s Program, you must review and adhere to the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Policy.  As a reminder, you must complete a minimum of  3 quarters of coursework to be eligible for an internship. All internships must be authorized by must be authorized by CPP’s International Center before starting.


  • Review the Internship Program Description.
  • If you need assistance finding an internship, view the Job + Internship Opportunity Listings. Create an account if you a first-time user.
  • Once a desired internship is found, apply for the position and arrange for an interview with the firm.
  • If necessary, make an appointment with Student Advisor, Suzanne Sheppard by calling (310) 794-3747 to review your resume and portfolio.

INTERNSHIP COURSE: Professional Interior Architecture Internship (ARCH X 473)

***NOTE: If this paperwork is not completed within the five days of starting the internship, there is a possibility that it may not be approved. We recommend bringing this paperwork with you on the first day of your internship.***

  1.  Find the Internship course online and select “Add to Cart” and “Checkout.” Fill in the  Internship Information Application/Questionnaire. This will inform our office that you plan on enrolling into the course. You must complete the remaining steps below for full approval.
  2.  Download and fill in the corresponding Internship Agreement Form: Unpaid Internship Agreement Form or Paid Internship Agreement Form.
  3.  Obtain the signature of an authorized agent from the company/firm/employer.
  4.  Return the signed agreement form via e-mail or in-person to: 1010 Westwood Boulevard, Suite 211 or (ARC_ID@unex.ucla.edu). Your internship will receive its final approval by the Arc+ID Program Director and Dean’s Office.
  5.  Once approved, you will need to finalize enrollment into the internship course by paying the course fee. Please do so online or by calling the Enrollment Office at (310)825-9971.


As soon as you have completed your internship, you will need to complete the following:

  1.  Have your supervisor complete the Intern Evaluation Form. Deliver the completed form to WC 211. You will not receive course credit if this form is not completed. Your grade is based on your evaluation.
  2.  Complete the Internship Exit Review and deliver it to WC 211.



Note: If your internship extends beyond the end of the quarter in which you paid the course fee, you may receive a notification indicating that you will receive a grade of Incomplete but do not be alarmed. As soon as your evaluation is received, a grade change will be made and you will not be penalized.


Ready to start your Internship? Continue to the Job + Internship Opportunity Listings to find the right internship for you!