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Added Sections for Summer 2015

Due to popular demand, we have added additional classes to the Summer 2015 Quarter Schedule:

Interior Architecture Studio I: 

Prerequisite: All courses through the 4th Quarter in the Certificate in Interior Design Program (see curriculum sequence) or consent of program advisor.

Enrollment limited. This course is equivalent to Cal Poly Pomona INA 505. Restricted course; call Arc_ID Counseling Office at (310) 794-3747 for permission to enroll. Web enrollments automatically generate a “Permission to Enroll” request.

Reg # 259962
Dates: June 25 – September 10 (12 meetings total)
Day/Time: Thursday, 3:30-6:30pm
Location: Room 320 at 1010 Westwood Center
No refund after July 2.

Interior Architecture Studio II:

Prerequisite: X 433 Interior Architecture Studio I or consent of program advisor.

Enrollment limited. This course is equivalent to Cal Poly Pomona INA 506. Restricted course; call (310) 825-9061 for permission to enroll. Web enrollments automatically generate a “Permission to Enroll” request.

Reg # 259484
Dates: June 23 – September 8 (12 meetings total)
Day/Time: Tuesday, 7-10pm
Location: Room at 306 1010 Westwood Center
No refund after June 30.

Surface Materials: 

Prerequisite: All courses through the Third Quarter in the Interior Design Certificate (see curriculum sequence).

Enrollment limited. This course is equivalent to Cal Poly Pomona INA 541. Includes daytime field trips; locations and times to be announced in class. Internet access required to retrieve course materials.

Reg # 260284
Dates: June 25 – September 10 (12 meetings total)
Day/Time: Tuesday, 7-10pm
Location: 1010 Westwood Center (Room TBD)
No refund after July 2.


For a list of all Arc+ID Summer 2015 classes that are still open, CLICK HERE.


Interview with Henry Lien, our Interior Design Law I & II Instructor

Gallery LectureWhat sort of material is covered in the Law I class?

I know that for most non-lawyers, you read a contract and the only words in it you understand are “the” and “and”. Interior Design Law I is devoted to the designer-client contract, helping you understand the contract, and making sure yours is doing what you want it to do. Designers need to have not only a good contract with their client but also to understand what you agreed to in the contract, so that you can conduct business accordingly. While the course is not offering legal advice or training you to be a lawyer per se, it does seek to impart some basic legal street smarts to help minimize the chance of legal problems in your client relationships. Also, fun and law don’t usually occur in the same sentence, but the course is designed to be as enjoyable as any course on law can be. Students learn better when they are engaged and they are engaged better when they aren’t bored unconscious by the material. That’s where the fun can be useful.

Do students need to have previous Law or Interior Design Law knowledge to take these classes?

Nope. Just bring your brain and willingness to learn. The course is also structured so that there is no textbook to purchase. All materials were created by me and given to the students free of charge, and will include numerous actual court cases involving sad stories of interior designers and the legal mishaps they got into. There are no assignments and no homework. Just the weekly quizzes testing the reading for the week.Gallery Lecture 2

Is Interior Design Law II a continuation of Interior Design Law I?

Not per se. Interior Design Law II is not a sequel, nor a prequel, but an equal. Interior Design Law I covers just the designer-client relationship. Interior Design Law II covers more exotic topics like intellectual property rights, employment issues, business competition issues, and insurance issues, but requires no prior legal knowledge or instruction. You can take Interior Design Law I first, and then Interior Design Law II, or Law II first and then Law I, or just keep enrolling in them every quarter in an endless cycle of lifelong learning.

For more information about Henry Lien and for a listing of his upcoming classes, please visit his instructor page.


Meet Betty Merken, our Color Design Weekend Workshop Instructor!

Merken, Betty

Betty Merken is a painter, print-maker, and architectural colorist. Her work is exhibited internationally and is represented in several museum collections, including the UCLA Hammer Museum, the Museum of Fine Art San Francisco, and the Portland, OR Art Museum.

Betty teaches workshops and seminars nationally on the use of color at UCLA Extension, the University of Oregon, the Seattle Art Museum, and by invitation to architecture and design firms. Betty’s work is represented in Los Angeles by Fresh Paint Art Advisors. To learn more about Betty and to view her artwork, please visit www.bettymerkenstudios.com.

This Winter 2014 quarter, Betty Merken will be leading two unique weekend classes that offer students an exciting new perspective to understanding color design:

Color Design Workshops_Winter 2014

Orientation to the Color Spectrum
February 08 – 09 | 10am-4pm | Z7065

Color Design for Interior Architecture
February 22 – 23 | 10am-4pm | Z7066

These classes are being exclusively offered this quarter only, so don’t miss out! To enroll, please visit the links above or call (310) 825-9971. 

Click the image to view and download the course information.

Winter 2014 Registration Now Open!

Winter 2014 quarter begins January 6th and ends March 30th, 2014. 

Winter 2014Winter 2014 registration is officially open. You can enroll in Arc+ID classes online here!

You can also enroll over the phone by calling the UCLA Extension registration department at (310) 825-9971. Please have the reg # and credit card number ready.

To browse our Winter 2014 catalog, click here. Printed copies of the catalog will be available on November 13th.

Winter 2014 quarter begins January 6th, 2014. Sign up early to take advantage of the early-bird discount! Class prices will increase starting December 6th.

Click here to see a listing of our Elective courses and Weekend Workshops!

Welcome our new Arc+ID Instructor: Henry Lien


Lien, HenryHenry Lien, JD, UCLA School of Law, BA, Brown University. Mr. Lien practiced as a business attorney for ten years and was involved in cases pertaining to architecture, interior design and construction.  He served eight years as the owner and director of the Glass Garage Gallery in West Hollywood and currently works as a private art dealer, with interior designers comprising a significant portion of his clientele. Mr. Lien has also served as the President of the West Hollywood Fine Art Gallery Association and as a board member of the West Hollywood Avenues of Art and Design.


Courses taught by Henry Lien

New Course: Interior Design Law I


See this sconce? Stylish, isn’t it. Apparently, you are not the only one who thought so.

It was made by an interior designer in San Francisco. A famous Italian-themed hotel in Las Vegas liked it too and asked the designer to submit a bid for 11,000 of them. The designer was able to submit a competitive bid by finding a manufacturer in China to produce them in bulk but still meet the designer’s design and quality standards. The hotel then secretly circumvented the designer, rejected his bid, and hired the Chinese manufacturer directly. Does the designer have a claim for breach of contract? What if there was no written contract?

This is one of many actual cases that will be studied in Interior Design Law I — The Designer-Client Relationship. Henry Lien, who is a fine art dealer and who practiced business litigation for many years, will teach the principals of contractual law as applied to the relationship between the the designer and the client. The course is meant to illustrate how relying on a form contract may not be enough. While not intended as legal advice or to teach designers how to act as lawyers, the course seeks to teach designers to understand the laws that govern their profession so that they develop good business instincts on how to protect themselves, avoid legal disputes, and honor their legal obligations to their clients.

Class begins on September 26th, so click on the link below if you are interested in signing up!