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ASID UCLA Extension presents Design + Drinks at Oliver Cafe Friday, August 22!

Don’t miss your opportunity to network over drinks at this charming and chic reuse of a 1960’s era detached round steel bank vault in the heart of Beverly Hills’ Golden Triangle!

In addition, two of our UCLA Extension ARC+ID instructors will be on hand for brief presentations. Henry Lien, Esq, will discuss interior design legal horror stories and Shepard Vineburg, ASID, will give us a background on the Oliver Cafe itself.

$5 for Members | $10 for Non Members
Happy Hour prices on food + drinks
Two hour validated free parking
Space is limited

It’s Official! We’ve been awarded with another six years of accreditation!

Back in April 2014, we underwent a thorough re-accreditation process for our Master of Interior Architecture degree. We are happy to share the Summary of Decision from CIDA confirming that the MIA Program has been officially awarded a new six year term of accreditation.

Thank you to all of you who supported our efforts and helped us achieve this positive outcome.

The collaborative program in interior architecture leading to the Master of Interior Architecture degree meets Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) Professional Standards and has been awarded accreditation for a term of six years, effective July 2014. The Accreditation Commission is pleased to recognize this achievement. The Accreditation Commission’s decision was based on the interior design program’s demonstrated achievement of sixteen accreditation standards, which are evaluated within the context and overarching purpose and intent of the program. CIDA accreditation standards broadly address the evolving components of graduate preparation for interior design practice, including:

  • critical thinking, professional values, and processes that provide the framework of interior design practice;
  • core design and technical knowledge that provide the historical, theoretical, and technical contents of interior design practice.

CIDA accreditation standards also address the institutional systems, structures, and resources that are fundamental to providing an effective higher education learning environment for interior design. Award of CIDA accreditation attests to the quality of the interior design program and benefits the public and program in many ways. Parents, students, and employers of graduates can be assured that the program meets the rigor of peer review and develops the skills and knowledge required to practice interior design. Furthermore, the accreditation process provides the program with valuable input for continued development and assists the program in adapting to meet evolving professional requirements as CIDA updates standards. In three years, the interior design program will be required to submit a Progress Report to CIDA addressing ongoing program development, as well as the following Standards:

Standard 1. Mission, Goals, and Curriculum: The interior design program has a mission statement that describes the scope and purpose of the program. Program goals are derived from the mission statement and the curriculum is structured to achieve these goals.

Standard 2. Global Perspective for Design: Entry‐level interior designers have a global view and weigh design decisions within the parameters of ecological, socio‐economic, and cultural contexts.

Standard 3. Human‐Centered Design: The work of interior designers is informed by knowledge of human factors and theories of human behavior related to the built environment.

Standard 4. Design Process: Entry‐level interior designers need to apply all aspects of the design process to creative problem solving. Design process enables designers to identify and explore complex problems and generate creative solutions that optimize the human experience within the interior environment.

Standard 16. Support and Resources: The interior design program must have a sufficient number of qualified faculty members, as well as adequate administrative support and resources, to achieve program goals.

The program is scheduled to be revisited in 2020 to seek re‐accreditation.

Fall 2014 Registration Begins Today!

catalog_cover_f14_300Fall 2014 quarter begins September 29. 

Fall 2014 registration is officially open! To view a listing of classes offered this quarter, you can search courses online or browse our catalog by clicking the image on the left.

Certificate students can view a list of all the Foundation Level courses offered this quarter here.

To order a printed copy of the catalog, please complete the Catalog Request form.

Students can enroll online or over the phone by calling the UCLA Extension registration department at (310) 825-9971. Please have the Reg # and a credit card number ready. For more information about enrolling, please see How to Enroll.

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UCLA Extension Graduation 2014

Congrats the 2014 Certificate of Interior Design and Master’s of Interior Architecture graduates! The Certificate students totaled over 50–more than any other Arts department program! And our Master’s graduate group was huge too! Way to go students! We’re so proud of you!

UCLA Extension honors Arc+ID instructor Judith Corona with the 2014 Distinguished Instructor Award

Established in 2006, the Distinguished Instructor Award recognizes exemplary teaching, professional knowledge and standing, and outstanding commitment to students. This award celebrates the best of our instructors, promotes excellence, and acknowledges your personal role in supporting UCLA Extension’s important educational and public service goals. The awards ceremony took place last night at the Covel Commons auditorium at UCLA.

Only 12 individuals were selected across all the disciplines at UCLA Extension to receive this year’s award. Judith Corona was one of them–and it was well deserved!

Congratulations Judith! We are honored to have you as our instructor!

Corona, JudithArc+ID instructor, Judith Corona, was honored with the 2014 Distinguished Instructor Award.

Judith holds an MFA in visual artist and maintains an art studio in Malibu. She has exhibited in the U.S. and Europe and directed many art and architecture study tours abroad. Among other professional achievements, Ms. Corona received a Studio Artist Fellowship from The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. She received the UCLA Extension Arts Department Instructor of the Year Award in 1993 and 2001.

What students are saying:

“Judith makes color theory completely fascinating. Her lectures on the physics of color and the psychology of color, in combination with anecdotal examples and slideshow depictions of how color has been used in interior design throughout history, provided a comprehensive and multifaceted introduction to the topic. The creative philosophies she imparts (‘design is a process’ and ‘trust the method’) consistently resonate in this and other classes.”

“Judith is an amazing instructor. She is strict and picky but she really cares that every student invests as much effort as possible into his or her work and does the best she or he possibly can. She carefully checked each work and discussed it with us, she was helpful in making suggestions how to improve certain aspect of our work, but she never been pushy or disrespectful to our views and tastes. I am very happy with the instructor and from now on I decided to take each class that Judith teaches at UCLA Extension.”

Want to take a class with this amazing instructor? Search courses taught by Judith CoronaRegister before classes fill up!

CIDA Accreditation Review: Student Projects On Display at 1010 Westwood Center

Thank you to those who participated in the 2014 CIDA Accreditation Review! Most of the projects will remain on display until early June. We encourage everyone to stop by the 1010 Westwood Center building to see all of the amazing work that is being produced from our students!

Summer 2014 Registration Begins Today!

summer 2014 coverSummer 2014 quarter begins June 23rd and ends September 21st. 

Summer 2014 registration is officially open! To view a listing of classes offered this quarter, you can search courses online or browse our catalog by clicking the image on the left. Certificate students can view a list of all the Foundation Level courses offered this quarter here. To order a printed copy of the catalog, please complete the Catalog Request form.

Students can enroll online or over the phone by calling the UCLA Extension registration department at (310) 825-9971. Please have the Reg # and a credit card number ready. For more information about enrolling, please see How to Enroll.

Don’t forget to check out the Summer 2014 Elective courses!

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A Student-Centered Culture: A message from Wayne Smutz, the new Dean of UCLA Extension

Wayne SmutzAs the new Dean of UCLA Extension, I am proud to be a part of UCLA and the tradition of providing outstanding education to our vibrant community. Extension seeks to create a student-centered culture, a place where your education and the experience of learning always comes first. It may start with the classroom and our outstanding corps of instructors, but your education begins with your course.

At Extension, you become a part of the UCLA family. We offer a network of opportunities for success—professional skill development, subject knowledge rigor, and creative pursuits to fuel your passion to learn and to bring those skills to others, in your jobs and your lives.

Over the coming months, I look forward to moving Extension into new and exciting areas. I’m committed to:

  • seeking ways to enhance and enrich the student experience
  • reaching audiences and students that may need a second—or third—chance, or who may never have had a chance before to access higher education
  • focusing on ways to provide memorable, exciting, and relevant learning experiences

Higher education has individual and societal value. Whether this is your first chance to take a course at Extension or you are continuing your study, I congratulate you on your commitment to continuous education. We share your dedication. At Extension, lifetime learning is our business. Welcome to UCLA Extension. Bruin Bear

Wayne Smutz, PhD
Dean, UCLA Extension

With more than 30 years of experience in continuing education, distance education, outreach and engagement, Wayne Smutz begins to pave a new path as Dean of Continuing Education at UCLA Extension.

Smutz, who has a B.A. from UC Berkeley and a M.A. and Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University, is formerly the executive director of Penn State’s World Campus and associate vice president for academic outreach. His past position covered leadership roles relating to program development, marketing, strategic development, and online learning.

Dedicated to helping others transform their lives through education, he embraced a learner-centric approach with a focus on enhancing access to quality programs and ensuring students have the support to succeed. Committed to campus partnership, he has been instrumental in strengthening relationships with academic departments and enhancing World Campus’ visibility within and beyond Penn State.

Smutz has received awards including the Sloan Consortium John R. Bourne Award for Outstanding Achievement in Online Learning, the Sloan Consortium Award for Institution-Wide Excellence in Online Education (awarded to PSU’s World Campus), a UPCEA regional award for excellence in institutional partnerships (awarded to continuing education at PSU’s University Park) and a UPCEA national award for programming.

Read this message and other current campus-related news in the UCLA Extension Newsletter.


And the awards for the 2013 Outstanding Instructors goes to…

…Fernando de Moraes and Nate Wittasek for showing excellence in teaching their Master’s level courses!

The Outstanding Instructor Awards ceremony is held annually to honor exemplary teachers in the Arts who have made outstanding contributions this year. We are pleased to announce that this year’s winners are two of our most beloved Master’s level instructors.

Fernando de Moraes has been admired for his superior drafting and design knowledge and strong ability to translate those techniques into a learning platform. From 2002 until now, Fernando’s main focus has been teaching the Master’s Thesis Project Documents class for the Architecture + Interior Design program. He is fully dedicated to providing the best to both the Master’s degree program and to his students.

Nate Wittasek is an expert in building codes and regulations and has been teaching the Understanding Building Codes class for the Arc+ID program since 2004. As Jeff Daniels put it, “He really knows how to make an otherwise mundane subject much more interesting!”

Congratulations Fernando and Nate! We are honored to have you as part of our Arc+ID family!