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Keri Sussman-Shurtliff

Instructor Biography:

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ARCH X 427.8AHistory of Environmental Arts: Part I

ARCH X 427.8BHistory of Environmental Arts: Part II

ARCH X 427.8CHistory of Environmental Arts: Part III

ARCH X 427.8DHistory of Environmental Arts: Part IV


What students are saying:

In regards to History of Environmental Arts: Part IV:
 “It was a well-organized, thoughtfully planned class. I enjoyed reading the lectures every week. The online format was great!”

“The topics we covered were so interesting, I loved it !”

“I have really enjoyed this class!”

“Fascinating and fun.”

General remarks about the instructor:
“Enthusiastic teacher with a lot of knowledge and interest for the content.”

“Keri is lovely. She is responsive and organized. I especially enjoyed her thorough notes that were posted weekly. I can tell that she took great care in compiling the course material.”

” Instructor knows the material well and made it interesting with use of videos and links to further our interests.”

“Please have her teach more online history courses. She’s great at it, keeps the students connected to each other through the comments section and she is excellent about giving feedback.”

“Keri is SO PASSIONATE about architectural history. Her enthusiasm is so contagious!”