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Shane Bartley

Instructor Biography:

Shane Bartley, BA, UCLA, has extensive experience in Information Technology, Training, and Customer Service. He has served as the leader for many learning initiatives and program implementations, including 22 years with Walt Disney Imagineering. Since 2008, Shane has been a member of the Disney University Leadership Team, where he provides support for strategic team planning, integration, operation, customization, and implementation of creative and innovative learning concepts. Shane is also the primary facilitator for both computer-aided design and technical collaboration tools, as well as for the Human Performance Institute’s Corporate Athlete Program.

Since 1994, Shane has been the primary instructor of the “traditional” and “online” AutoCAD Design courses at the UCLA Extension Architecture and Interior Design program.

Shane was honored with the 1996 and 2008 Instructor of the Year award at the annual Arts Outstanding Instructor Awards ceremony.

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ARCH X 468.5A – Digital Presentation II: 2D CAD/AutoCAD

What students are saying:

In regards to Digital Presentation II: 2D CAD/AutoCAD (Online):

“That was my first experience with an online class and I really enjoyed it. Shane, the instructor, is well organized. All the videos were clear and thorough. I have learned a lot and very pleased with that class.”

“[The] lectures/outlines were extremely concise, efficient, clear and helpful without being mundane or unclear in any way. [Shane] was helpful and interactive with anyone who needed it throughout the entire quarter.”

“Linear program and instruction. Each lesson built on the last. The material was sufficiently challenging due to the way Shane packaged the assignments.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Shane was a great instructor. He was highly organized, and his communication was excellent–I appreciated how quickly he would respond to our questions. I also appreciated the way he set up the weekly assignments, giving us ample time to the complete them. The weekly assignments were very organized and easy to understand due to his instructions. I was able to go from knowing nothing about the program to a full understanding of the basics, which I’m very thankful for.”

“Shane was very knowledgeable and I really appreciate how quick he was to answer questions in the online format. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another class with him.”

“Shane is great! Even though the class is taught online, he records every lecture live. I never felt like I was isolated, but more like I was part of an actual class.”

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