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Sheldon Nemoy

Nemoy, Sheldon

Instructor Biography:

Sheldon Nemoy is an alumnus of the office of Charles Eames and honorary member of the Eames Foundation. Mr. Nemoy has worked extensively for major domestic and international clients and also is an author and seminar speaker.

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What students are saying:

In regards to Digital Presentation I: Photoshop/Illustrator:

“I had no previous exposure to Photoshop and Illustrator, and I feel that Sheldon created an environment that really enhanced my learning experience. He is very organized at every step of he way, from his course documents to his class structure, so there is no wasted time and we cover a TON of material. The class activities always relate to the homework of the week which allows us to ask relevant questions/ bring up issues we had with the homework. The final project was a wonderful culmination of all the skills we learned over the quarter and gave us an opportunity to explore and create in a safe environment.”

“The course was a well organized introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator. The exercises were challenging and standards were high. I came out knowing much more than I had anticipated as advanced techniques were taught. I feel I have the knowledge to explore the programs further on my own. I especially enjoyed the assignments that were more creative and outside of the textbooks.”

“It was a great course. I learned a lot. And I love the fact that we had a lot of referral information [on Canvas] that helped with the assignments.”

In regards to Digital Presentation I: Photoshop/Illustrator (online):

“Excellent! This was my first on-line class and I loved it. I think in some ways it is better as you are able to re-play the instruction over and over.”

“Everything about this class was amazing. Of course listening to lessons or reading from the book can get a little tedious, but Sheldon does a fantastic job of keeping the instructions clear and giving lessons that are fun and interesting. I’m SO GLAD I took this class.”

“Sheldon Nemoy is the absolute finest instructor I have had in this program. He was thorough in his instruction videos, very clear and articulate, and his immediate response, always with encouragement, was excellent. I really felt like I was in a ‘live’ class and was always encouraged to push ahead. I learned so much and have him to thank.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Sheldon is highly experienced with the software programs. He is a lovely man and has tremendous patience.”

“Mr. Nemoy is a terrific instructor with excellent communication skills.”

“He was great! Moves in the perfect pace for everyone to still learn. Not rushed at all.”

“Fantastic and extremely charming instructor!”