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Master of Interior Architecture

The Master of Interior Architecture is a professional degree (M. INT. ARCH.) and is ranked in the Top 10 in the Nation.  The Master’s program consists of 63 units of advanced topics in interior architecture and is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

What our Master’s Program Offers:

This program is offered collaboratively by UCLA Extension and Cal Poly Pomona. At Cal Poly, this degree program is provided by the College of Environmental Design and administered by the College of the Extended University. The classes are taught at UCLA Extension facilities in Westwood, Los Angeles.

  • Transfer credits: If you have taken architecture, art, or design-related courses at other institutions, you may qualify for Advanced Standing. To determine what transfer credits you may qualify for, you will need to make an appointment with the Program Advisor by calling (310) 794-3747.
  • Quarterly admission allows students to apply at three quarter of the academic year (excluding Summer Admissions).
  • Distinguished instructors—all practicing professionals in interior design, architecture or fine arts.
  • Internships, mentorships, and job placement opportunities set up through our Program Advisor.
  • Scholarship & federal financial aid opportunities.

The primary goal of the Master’s program is to provide an opportunity for individuals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to pursue a rigorous program of part time study that prepares them to enter the field of interior design incorporating the highest standards of professional practice. The program particularly serves career-change students seeking to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming interior design professionals.


Admission to the Master of Interior Architecture degree program requires a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA and completion of the 82 prerequisite units (Certificate/Foundation Level) or equivalent. Applicants who do not meet these criteria may be admitted on a conditional basis if evidence of compensating qualifications is furnished. The Master of Interior Architecture does not require Graduate Exams, however, you may be asked to provide them in certain circumstances.

A four year course of study and a Bachelor’s degree is required for admission. An applicant with a three year Bachelor’s degree who has spent an additional year of study may also qualify, pending approval from Cal Poly Pomona.

We welcome students from varied academic backgrounds, including non-design disciplines. A bachelor’s degree in Interior Design is not required for admission into the Master’s program. Applicants with no previous study in interior design or architecture must complete the Foundation Level prerequisite classes before applying to the Master’s level. The 82 prerequisite units are offered through the Interior Design Certificate curriculum.

Applicants who do have an undergraduate degree in interior design, architecture, or similar design-related field may be eligible to bypass the Foundation Level prerequisites and apply directly to the Master’s level. Before applying to the program, a transcript evaluation by our Program Advisor is required in order to qualify for Advanced Standing. Click here to schedule an appointment online or call (310) 794-3747.

Applying to the Masters Program:

Unlike the open-enrollment format of the Certificate program, prospective Masters students must complete an application and submit additional documents in order to be evaluated for admission into the program.

For detailed information about applying to the Masters Program, please see the Master of Interior Architecture Application Requirements.

Program Curriculum:

The curriculum for the Master of Interior Architecture requires the completion of 11 Advanced Level courses (55 units) plus 8 units of elective credit, specialization credit, internship credit, or a combination of the three categories (63 total units). Full-time students can complete the program in 4 quarters, or 1 year. Upon admission into the program, students are required to register for some classes through Cal Poly Pomona’s BroncoDirect system.

Interior Architecture Studio III: Commercial Design X 430/INA 601 (6 units)
Understanding Building Codes X 427.20/INA 542 (3 units)
Concept Driven Design: Visual Seminar and Studio X 471.125 (4 units)
Electives or an Internship
Interior Architecture Studio IV: Special Topics X 471.19/INA 602 (6 units)
Research and Programming Methodologies X 497/INA 590 (4 units)
Interior Detailing and Building Systems X 467.27B/INA 622 (6 units)
Electives or an Internship
Master’s Project: Interior Architecture Studio† X 498.1/INA 691 (8 units)
Business Strategies X 497.4/INA 671 (4 units)
Ecology of Design* X 467.55/INA 531 (2 units)
Electives or an Internship
Master’s Project: Interior Architecture Documents X 498/INA 695 (8 units)
Project Management*† X 498.2/INA 672 (4 units)
Electives or an Internship

Note: **We strongly advise students to take Project Management in Spring, and wait to take Business Strategies in the Summer. 

Eight (8) total elective units required for completion of the Master’s level. Elective unit credit includes maximum of one (1) Internship (2 units). Electives can be taken at any quarter.
* Offered in Spring & Fall Quarter only
† Classes restricted to only MIA students. Registration through Cal Poly Pomona’s Bronco Direct System.


Eight (8) total elective units required for completion of the Master’s level. Elective unit credit includes maximum of one (1) Internship (2 units). Electives can be taken at any quarter. Elective credit does not count towards the Certificate of Interior Design, but students may still take electives in the Foundation Level and the credit will carry over when they apply to the Master’s Program. The courses listed below are all the electives offered in our program, however, some may not be offered every quarter. Check course listing information for availability.

Professional Development
Photographing Architecture & Interiors X 467.11A/INA 560 (4 units) Available online
SketchUp X 468.6A (2 units) Available online
Advanced SketchUp X 468.6B (2 units) Available online
Interior Design Law I X 497.10 (2 units) Available online
Interior Design Law II X 497.11 (2 units) Available online
Advanced Portfolio & Presentation Techniques X 498.10 (4 units)
Interior Rendering Techniques using 3ds Max & V-Ray X 498.12 (4 units) Available online
Interior Design in Films X 498.22 (2 units)
Decorating & Design
Residential Remodeling X 406.6/INA 538 (3.25 units)
A Survey of the Decorative Arts X 443.16/INA 661 (4 units)
Accessories for Residential Interiors X 443.40 (2 units)
Feng Shui for Designers & Architects X 443.45 (2 units)
Furniture Design X 461.4/INA 539 (4 units)
Internship & Independent Study
Professional Interior Architecture Internship X 473/INA 615 (2 units)
Independent Study † INA 591 (1-4 units)

† Classes restricted to only MIA students. Registration through Cal Poly Pomona’s Bronco Direct System.

Program Cost:

Application Fee: $55
Estimated Program Tuition: $31,500*
Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $4,000
Estimated Total Cost: $35,500

*Price per unit: $500. Elective costs vary.

Facts & Figures:

Enrollment Data as of 2015

Retention Rate

Retention rate for MIA students who began in 2012: 71%

Graduation Rate

Graduation rate for students who began in 2011: 62% (2 year graduation rate)
Graduation rate for students who began in 2010: 90% (3 year graduation rate)

Job Placement Rate

Job placement rate for MIA students (students employed within 180 days of completion): 95%