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Paola Oliveras

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Current student in the Advanced Level/Master’s Program

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I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where I studied my undergrad on Interior Design. After working on Residential Design, I decided to pursue my career on Commercial Design, that’s why I moved to Barcelona, Spain where I completed my first master’s degree on Commercial Design. Later I decided that to complete my education and work for the best companies I should come to the US. That’s when I joined the Interior Architecture Master’s program at UCLA Extension, which catapult me to the design world, giving me the appropiate exposure and knowledge to create incredible design projects, get a summer internship in Gensler, be part of the ASID UCLA Student Chapter and ASID LA Chapter projects, and finally been chosen as finalist to asist the ASID Nacional Student Portfolio Competition

Tell us about your recent success and include appropriate names, projects, companies, and any other relevant information

Applying with some great projects I created in the studio classes on the Master’s program at UCLA Extension, I was chosen as a finalist to assist to the ASID Nacional Student Portfolio Competition in the ASID Student Summin 2017, that would happen this March 31 – April 2 in Oklahoma.

Tell us how your course(s) or instructor(s) at the Arc+ID Program contributed to your success or about your overall experience in the Arc+ID Program.

As part of the portfolio that I submitted for the competition, I included the project I completed on Studio III “Vertical Farm” with Professor Rogerio Carvalheiro and the project completed on Studio IV “Grand Marina” with Professor Fernando De Moraes.

Studio III Vertical Farm: https://paolaoliveras.myportfolio.com/verticalfarmstudioiii
Studio IV Grand Marina: https://paolaoliveras.myportfolio.com/grandmarinastudioiv

Please share a piece of advice for our ambitious students that may be looking to pursue a career in your field of work.

I believe that with passion and constancy we can achieve any goal in our lives, follow your dreams and pursue your interior design career.

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