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Annual Student Light Fixture Design Competition


Bruce Thompson was a twenty-five year veteran of the lighting industry.  He had a broad background in the profession having worked in theatre, retail, as a factory representative, and concluding his career in manufacturing as vice president of sales and marketing. Throughout his career Bruce emphasized design and innovation. He was also an accomplished light fixture designer. He established this independent competition to encourage creativity and education in light fixture design and manufacturing.


    Your entry consists of an “Application Form” and a Presentation that consist of a maximum of four 11”x17” sheets. (One of these sheets must include a maximum of 250 word description of the product and its use). These two components must be submitted as electronic files that are uploaded online.

    Submission Instructions


    The “Application Form” MUST be submitted online along with 11”x17” Presentation.

    For a copy of the “Application Form” click on this link: Downloadable Application Form. Save this interactive pdf file to your hard drive without completing it and rename the file by including your name in this format: “LastFirst_ApplicationForm.pdf.” After saving it to your hard drive complete the form. Form MUST include faculty member signature. Also, make sure to use the same email address throughout the submittal process. Follow these instructions to prepare and submit the “Application Form.”

    After printing the hardcopy of the “Application Form” make sure that your Last and First name have been added to the file name in this format: “LastFirst_ApplicationForm.pdf.” This form, with signatures, will get uploaded along with your presentation file by using the “Upload Files Window” at the bottom of this page. Follow the instructions below in PART 2-(2) ONLINE PRESENTATION.


    Presentation must be submitted online.

    The maximum four 11”x17” presentation sheets need to be in electronic format as follows: the sheets (pages) need to be grouped into ONE all-inclusive file that can be submitted online. This file can be prepared in one of these formats: 1) Multi-page PDF or 2) Multi-slide PowerPoint presentation. (Other presentation files should not be uploaded and will not be reviewed). Create a file name that includes your last and first name and identifies this file as your presentation, in this format: “LastFirst_presentation.pdf.” for pdfs or “LastFirst_presentation.ppt” for PowerPoint presentations.

    When you are ready to make your Online Submission, no later than the deadline shown below, use the “Upload Files Window” at the bottom of this page. Please fill in your first and last name, as well as, your email address making sure to use the same email address that is given on the “Application Form”. Click the “browse” button next to the upload field for both the “Application Form” and “Presentation.” Search for your completed “Application Form” (WITH signatures) AND “Presentation” PDF or Powerpoint Files. After your files are selected and the form is complete click “CLICK TO SUBMIT” button. It will take a few seconds or minutes to upload your files depending on their size. Do not leave this page until you receive the “Thank You” page confirming that your files have been uploaded. NOTE: The file size cannot exceed 15MB.

    DEADLINE: Online submissions must be uploaded by 11:59pm March 24, 2017.


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