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CCIDC News – December

Important change to “Inactive” status for CIDs taking place on December 31
In line with California licensing boards, the CCIDC Board of Directors voted to eliminate the “Inactive” status and as of December 31, 2009, the “Inactive” status will no longer be available.

Please note:
CIDs who paid for “Inactive” status in 2009 will be able to apply their $25.00 payment towards their two-year renewal fee of $250.00 in 2010, thus becoming “Current”.
After December 31, 2009, anyone who hasn’t paid their certification renewal fee will become “Delinquent” and it will be so noted on the CCIDC web site. When a designer wants to become “Current” they will be required to pay all past unpaid fees back to their expiration date, plus the two years in advance normally due upon renewal. If they remain “Delinquent” for more than 4 years then they will automatically become “Expired”.

“Expired” Certified Interior Designers will have to reapply and complete a new application and will also be required to take and pass the IDEX California examination.
Any currently “Expired” CIDs have until December 31, 2009 to reactivate their certification, otherwise they will become “Delinquent” under the above policy and will be subject to paying all past unpaid fees or becoming “Expired” under the new rules.

Certification Renewal ($250.00) – For current CIDs or those who have previously been approved “inactive” and wish to reinstate Certification status for two years. If you paid for “inactive” status in 2009, CCIDC will credit your $25.00 after you renew online.

Certification Reactivation ($350.00) – For expired CIDs to reactivate Certification for two years.

Deadline for the SPRING IDEX
March 1, 2010, is the deadline to register for the Spring IDEX (given the entire month of May).
Register now to have plenty of time to study and to get your paperwork in. Did you know that when you register for the IDEX California® you are also applying for Certification at the same time.

If you are planning to take one of the national exams for any other reason, such as becoming a “Professional member” of an association such as ASID or IIDA, or for regulatory reasons in another state, then you should continue on that path. You will still have to take and pass the IDEX-California® to become Certified by CCIDC.

Download CCIDC’s “Official” IDEX California Study Guide
Download our free, 32-page .pdf that provides information on the exam schedule, rules, release of results, exam format, content and sample questions.

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