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Congratulations to Dani Mankey, winner of the $1,000 James Northcutt Scholarship Award!


Sometimes all it takes is the energy of a city to truly inspire us. Dani Mankey has studied all over the world, but when she moved to Los Angeles from Seattle in 2004 and became exposed to the city’s exquisite and unique creative spaces, the wheels in her creative mind began to turn. “The urge to create those spaces came to me,” she explained. And so, she started the UCLA Extension Architecture + Interior Design program in the Fall 2014 quarter. Only a few quarters in, she’s already starting to plan out her career path. However, like many starting students, the biggest struggle is pinpointing exactly what that will be. “My love of textures and patterns makes me think I would enjoy a more specialized industry such as tiling or textiles,” Dani decided, “but I really love creating atmospheres for friends and families to enjoy and therefore residential, hotel and restaurant design also have my attention.”

After her first quarter of classes, Dani was amazed by the by how much she has learned already and was able to apply that knowledge as well as her inherent talents into a scholarship-worthy project. Dani’s project from Eleanor Schrader’s class on the Fundamentals of Interior Architecture encapsulates the design sense of William van Alen, the architect and designer of the Chrysler Building in Manhattan, New York, which exemplifies the Art Deco style of the 1920s. She wanted to expose the more ambitious aspects of the Art Deco movement that had eclectic influences during its time. So, in her project, she included the mosaic-like lotus flower and Egyptian motif plus marble and wood elements in order to capture the true essence of the design by showing how architecture at the time was influenced by world travel.

DSCN0994 (1)

The creativity that she brought to her project was recognized by the scholarship committee and thus she was granted the $1,000 James Northcutt Scholarship Award. Not only has the winnings enabled her to sign up for more classes without financial worries, she was given a boost of energy and excitement for continuing the Arc+ID program. “[The scholarship] provided me with a much-needed reminder that I was on the right path to my next career journey.”



The James R. Northcutt Scholarship for Beginning Students is a $1,000 tuition credit that is granted to one student each quarter who completes the Fundamentals of Interior Architecture course. The award is based upon the caliber of work demonstrated in required class projects. To find out if you are eligible for this scholarship or others, please see the Arc+ID Scholarships and Financial Aid information page.

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