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Congratulations to Khorshid Mazaheri, winner of the $3,000 Hirsch Bedner Scholarship Award!

Khorshid Mazaheri is a current student in the Advanced Level/Master’s Program.

How did you come up with the concept for your project?

In any design, concept is the core of the whole design process. Searching to see
and explore new innovating ideas, I chose an architect and an environmental artist
from whom I could be inspired. Japanese architect, Sou Fujimoto and Brazilian artist
Henrigue Oliveria. Fujimoto believes in “in between spaces”. Using pattern andrhythm, he creates an integrity by gathering different elements. Use artificial chaos to resemble natural order. Henrique creates interactive installations by wood. Resembling a suspended nature that has been created by human, breaking order in different ways to create a new organic one. As we are trying to use a very new concept of farming which is artificial to save the nature, we are creating a new approach of caring for nature which is in contrast with old visions of environmental concepts. So I decided to embrace this contrast and make it a focal point of the whole building by hanging the hydroponic cells from the ceiling and penetrate the roof to extend the concept outside of the building.

Please describe your project?

In this project, I tried to create one integrate system that works as a whole. I used shipping containers because they are practical, easy to use and also a symbol of the concept of reusing. The containers are hanged from the structure that I added to the building. Ten pillars, four in each sides and two in the middle. These also made it possible for me to detach the floors from the walls and create visual connection between different levels of my project. The levels are connected by ramps and the hydroponic cells can be reached by a catwalk that circulates the whole walls in upper level. In this way, the hanged containers are the focal point and they are visible all over the building.

We enter the project right into the restaurant which is the most crowded part of the building and the place in which people can communicate. This is a flexible building and it can be used for variety of purposes.  So during the day, it can be served as a community center, the market will sell hydroponic products and the gallery will exhibit art. At night, it will have a totally different look and application. The market will be used as a gathering area in celebrations and local events and the art gallery can be a performance place for plays and small concerts. To add to the flexibility of the building, the containers can move horizontally. By moving, they create variety of possibilities, spatially and visually. Also, they are covered with graffiti which is done by local artists and can be changed annually by another one. So the whole building is an exhibit of art.

Images of Khorshid Mazaheri ’s project:

The Howard Hirsch Design Scholarship is a $3,000 tuition credit award that is granted based upon the work demonstrated in projects commended not only for outstanding and innovative design solution, but also for the tremendous focus and professionalism displayed during the final design project.  To find out if you are eligible for this scholarship or others, please see the Arc+ID Scholarships and Financial Aid information page.

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