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Henry Lien

Lien, Henry

Instructor Biography:

Henry Lien, JD, UCLA School of Law, BA, Brown University. Mr. Lien practiced as a business attorney for ten years and was involved in cases pertaining to architecture, interior design and construction. He served eight years as the owner and director of the Glass Garage Gallery in West Hollywood and currently works as a private art dealer, with interior designers composing a significant portion of his clientele. Mr. Lien has also served as the President of the West Hollywood Fine Art Gallery Association and as a board member of the West Hollywood Avenues of Art and Design.  Mr. Lien was awarded Outstanding Instructor of the Year for the UCLA Extension Department of the Arts in 2017.

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ARCH X 497.10 – Interior Design Law I: The Designer-Client Relationship

ARCH X 497.11 – Interior Design Law II: Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, Employment, and Special Topics


What students are saying:

In regards to Interior Design Law I:

“The readings were interesting and brought up some important points that designers might overlook when drafting contracts.”

“I think this is a very important class for those that will be practicing Interior Design both in private practice or as part of a larger firm. Knowing the Laws that effect Designers and Clients will make you a better Designer and ID professional.”

“I felt very challenged by the material. It was bare bones law however the instructor is a very good teacher and helped me understand I could connect with contract law as well as make it fun and interesting.”

In regards to Interior Design Law II:

“This class should be mandatory for both the UCLA Arch+ID certificate and Cal Poly Pomona M.Int.Arch masters degree. The information learned is valuable beyond measure for designers.”

“I like Henry’s process of pairing real life case studies with the lecture, it keeps the class moving along and really helps illustrate the concepts.”

“Wonderful storytelling of quiz/test questions. Quizzes to strengthen learning of material while in class really helped. Repetition via summary of prior lecture always brought everything together.

General remarks about the instructor:

“Henry is extremely well organized and he covered a lot of material. The material was challenging and Henry made sure we all had a good grasp of it by the end of the course.”

“Excellent. Very well versed, great sense of humor, wonderful teaching style, especially with material that can tend to be dense had fabulous illustrations of cases. Answered questions on point, always encouraging, kept approach fresh, enlightening and innovative.”

“Henry is a wonderful teacher. He manages to make a very difficult subject easy to digest and gives students the information in a way that is applicable to us.”

“Henry does a great job at keeping students engaged. Material is very well explained in the handouts and if questions arise Henry is right there to answer questions, feedback and examples. He is very enthusiastic which is great for a subject that could very easily be heavy!!”


Instructor Website: Glass Garage LLC

Instructor Contact Information: info@glassgaragegallery.com