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Abeer Sweis

Sweis, Abeer

Instructor Biography:

Abeer graduated from Woodbury University with a Bachelor in Architecture degree in 1995. She founded SweisKloss as a design firm in 1998 and has since grown into a full service design build company. She has always had a passion for creating and enjoying contemporary, contextual and livable architecture. She believes that all architecture should be both innovative and timeless.

Abeer has been an instructor in the UCLA Extension Architecture + Interior Design program since 1997. She is the recipient of the UCLA Extension Arts Department Outstanding Instructor Award of 2014.

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ARCH X 471.19 Interior Architecture Studio B


What students are saying:

In regards to Interior Design Studio B:

“Abeer was not only inspiring but extremely supportive. Her teaching style facilitated my creativity and enthusiasm. This class, project, and professor have allowed me to grow as a designer, and allowed me to break through personal creative barriers – I do not believe I have ever been so passionate about a project before.”

“This is the first Studio class where I didn’t feel like I was designing to the instructor’s taste and style. She did a great job of helping me bring out the best in my project, but still let it be ‘my’ project!”

“The two guest critics had excellent suggestions/criticisms for each of our projects. Great choice of critics.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“I absolutely appreciated Abeer’s patience, care and time she invested in the class. I felt she genuinely wanted to help us get the most out of the class.”

“It is rare to get an instructor that is so committed to their students. Abeer really puts in time with all of us. She makes herself available for questions outside of class time as well as after class. It really makes a difference to the learning process when you feel you can get one on one interaction to specific concerns and questions.”

“Abeer made herself very available to the students – she came an hour early to class each week, was available on the phone and on email to an extent, and made specific appointments with some students at her office outside class hours. This is above and beyond!!”


Instructor Website: SweisKloss