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Alex Dorfman

Dorfman, Alex

Instructor Biography:

BFA, Cleveland Institute of Art; designer with broad experience in interior, environmental, and graphic design. Recipient of the 2012 UCLA Extension Instructor of the Year Award.

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ARCH X 466FDesign Communication III

ARCH X 430AInterior Architecture Studio II


What students are saying:

In regards to Design Communication III:

“Alex was great and I really liked the in-class exercises, lectures, LOVED that he required 3 sketches per week, and liked the overall class project.”

“This class is very challenging in terms of workload, but I really like that there is one cohesive project throughout the quarter. I also love that the project is a residential renovation. Very relevant and interesting.”

“This was the most instructive Design Communication course in the series. Alex combined slide lectures that provided context with class exercises that contributed to our knowledge of how to draw in perspective. As the last class in the DC series, it moved quickly and required the most amount of hours. […] The course was very well organized and Alex used class time to instruct and work with us individually.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“He was the best instructor! I LOVE the fact that he uses class time very efficiently. He explains the material in an easily understandable way so there’s usually little to no questions from students.”

“I truly enjoyed having Alex for an instructor; he is very knowledgeable, extremely helpful, very much approachable & he encourages the students! Good instructor!”

“Very organized, individually focused, caters his feedback to you and your level of skill, provides sufficient context to each lesson and preps you for each assignment. He’s very easy going, which meant a lot because this is a heavy work load class”