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Alice Kuo

Kuo, Alice

Instructor Biography:

NCIDQ Licensed, LEED AP, Principle designer of Caisson Studios, a Los Angeles based interior design firm specializing in residential, retail, and corporate interiors. Alice has a business degree from UC Riverside, with a specialization in accounting and financial consulting. She is also a graduate of the Master of Interior Architecture Program, UCLA Extension.

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ARCH X 406.6 Residential Remodeling







What students are saying:

In regards to Residential Remodeling:

“The syllabus for this course is well structured. It covers all critical steps from planing, design and executing of residential remodeling. I learned a lot from this course.”

“This class is a must!”

“I was very impressed with the instructor and all the material she presented.  This course went beyond my expectations.”

“THIS material is where the rubber meets the road.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“The instructor is awesome. She is very devoted to organize this course. She is well prepared for each lecture and give useful response to students. She is very patient in answering students’ questions.”

“Excellent.  The instructor is very knowledgeable about many areas related to construction, budgeting, real estate, and design.”

“Professor was knowledgeable and offered practical, usable insight and tips.  She successfully held the classes attention and engaged us in conversation and Q&A.”


Instructor Website: Caisson Studios