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Alvalyn Lundgren

Instructor Biography:

Alvalyn Lundgren is an award-winning illustrative designer working with high profile companies and around-the-corner businesses alike. She began her career as an illustrator in 1981 and launched her current practice, Alvalyn Creative, in 1994. As director and designer of this boutique firm, she specializes in identity, print, web, and illustration. Her flagship clients include Southern California Edison and the City of Los Angeles. Her interest in art showed up early in her life. Drawing and painting throughout her childhood, she excelled in storytelling and draftsmanship. By her sophomore year in high school she decided to pursue an art career. She enrolled at California State University, Northridge as an art major and completed her junior year there before applying to Art Center, where she earned her BFA in illustration. Alvalyn has extensive experience in identity, publication and print design but her primary bent is toward illustrative design and visual storytelling. She relies heavily on her drawing skills and finely tuned aesthetic sensibility no matter what type of project she takes on. She almost always has her camera or sketchbook with her. Recent recognition includes the American Graphic Design Awards (2008) and the Aviation Marketing Association (2007). Alvalyn is a contributing designer to Create Magazine, West Coast edition. Alvalyn has taught color theory, drawing, illustration and design for 21 years and has been a UCLA Extension instructor since 1993. Alvalyn was honored with the 2004 Instructor of the Year award at the annual UCLA Extension Arts Outstanding Instructor Awards ceremony.

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ARCH X 454AElements of Design I

ARCH X 452.1 Color Theory and Application

ARCH X 454BElements of Design II

What students are saying:

In regards to Elements of Design I :

“I learned a lot from this course. The class was well-organized. I learned a lot from the projects, reading and lectures.”

“I enjoyed the online-learning platform. The content was great! There were so much to learn from this course.”

“I never expected to learn as much as I did from this course. It was a struggle the entire semester, but worth every painful step of this wonderful journey. Thank you!!”

In regards to Elements of Design II: 

“This course incorporated lectures, reading, and hands-on assignments. After participating in the reading and lectures I was able to apply the concepts in the different 3D assignments, which helped to conceptualized vocabulary and build my confidence in discussing the different elements of design.”

“This class was amazing! I don’t think I have learned so much from any other [course].”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Avalyn Lundgren is an AMAZING teacher. I cannot say enough good about her. She is so thorough and she cares about the course material and the students. She is the reason that I loved the class so much and will continue with the program.”

“The instructor was thorough in her review of assignments. The lectures were informative.”

“She is very knowledgeable and her communications skills were clear and concise. She would get back to us in a reasonable time frame. She had high expectations of the students as well and it raised the bar of class participation and involvement.”

“Alvalyn Lundgren is my favorite teacher. She is tough, but I have learned the most from her. I like her high expectations and challenging way.”



Instructor Website: Alvalyn Creative