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Apurva Pande

Pande, Apurva

Instructor Biography:

MArch, Principal, CHA:COL, a multidisciplinary design collaborative involved in retail, residential, and commercial projects. CHA:COL has been featured on HGTV and in Architectural Record, Dwell, and Los Angeles Times. A selection of the firm’s recent work was chosen for the exhibition, “New Blood: Next Gen,” showcasing emerging Los Angeles design talent, at the Museum of Architecture+Design. Before forming CHA:COL, Mr. Pande worked at the office of Frank Gehry.

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ARCH X 430CInterior Architecture Studio A

ARCH X 471.19Interior Architecture Studio B

What students are saying:

In regards to Interior Design Studio B:

“The attention to detail was incredible. The clear and supportive instruction on ‘how to execute’ such details in drawings was invaluable. There were plenty of handouts, emails and technical support to acheieve anything we envisioned. Class participation and teamwork, (in and outside of class), was strongly encouraged.”

“The instructor was very organized and taught us how to organize our thoughts and ideas in a new way. I really enjoyed his class.”

“The class had incredible pace, explanation, instruction, direction and expectation. I was more than challenged by this class, which was compelling and totally satisfying. I learned so much about application and reality, concept and the impossible. I was encouraged week after week to push myself beyond my own imposed boundaries.”

“My first course that superseded my expectations. The instructor cited an excellent and wide variety of materials to consider as design solutions and ideas throughout the course, starting with more than one session of a slide show of various current interiors. […] Apurva was clear in his critiques, while guiding us to make our own solutions, without actually designing for us. He provided encouraging reviews, supporting our most basic and simplistic ‘concepts’ to grow from its original form to something more advanced, versus having us change our concept if he didn’t get it or was not fond of it, like all the other studio instructors. The design charette was totally new on the first day, and really perfect test to us as designers-to-be.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Apurva was very insightful in his critiques and guided us through the development process well.”

“Beyond excellent. He never discounted what we envisioned, he only encouraged it and guided it to something more sophisticated. He recognized that it was our ideas that we wanted to develop, even if they seemed initially rather basic and unremarkable, and had faith that we could create something fantastic out of something so simplistic, yet meaningful to the individual student. He was the first instructor to make the effort and take the time to follow up a mid-term of guest critics with an email summarizing what was addressed by the critics, combined with his own tips for direction to each one of us. He clearly cares, and knows how to be helpful.”

“I can’t say enough about this instructor! Apurva is one of the rare treasures of this program. I wish all instructors had his focus, intention, and delight in this process. I feel that it is Apurva’s style and conviction that is responsible for my success. I had no idea of what I could accomplish…HE DID, and he pushed me in spite of my own restrictions.”


Instructor Website: CHA:COL