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Ben Mansouri

Mansouri, BenInstructor Biography:

IDP, NCARB, pending AIA, MS in Manufacturing Engineering, Murray State University; Autodesk certified BIM instructor with over 20 years of architectural and structural experience. Mr. Mansouri received the UCLA Extension Arts Department Instructor of the Year Award, 2012.

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ARCH X 468.13A – Digital Presentation II: Revit Architecture I

ARCH X 438.13B – Digital Presentation III: Revit Architecture II


What students are saying:

In regards to Digital Presentation II: Revit Architecture I:

“The Revit I class was both enjoyable and very accessible to the different age groups, students and professionals. I was concerned that after 10 years out of school, the class would be difficult for me to comprehend. But it was absolutely comprehensible. Ben encouraged us to address the homework assignments by doing our own project if we chose to. I found this to be very rewarding. Every week, Ben taught us something new, I simply focused on developing that aspect of my building. When the course ended, I had a highly developed building. Overall, I was very satisfied with the organization of the course and the material covered. We started with simple things like drawing a wall and a window in 3D and concluded with the structural system of buildings. This sequence allowed me to slowly develop my building from the simple to the complex.”

“The class helped give me a good introduction into the program, a solid foundation to which I can build upon. I was challenged to constantly work / draw because that is the only way to learn the program.”

“Having videos on Canvas for this class was essential. I referred to them frequently for reviewing lessons we learned in class and completing assignments.”

In regards to Digital Presentation III: Revit Architecture II:

“Continuing and building up from Revit I, this class focuses on the finer details, working with families and such. It is a good complement and addition to what we had learned.”

“Video tutorials [on Canvas] were extremely helpful. Revit 2015 Students version download was/is a huge plus for home work and practice.”

“Considering the many powerful tools available in Revit, I believe that the course covered all the important features that help for professional work.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Ben is very patient and tries hard to interact with the students. When he sees that a student is struggling, he stops and explains himself in ways that the student can understand. I’ve never seen a teacher that would like student feedback in class more than he does.”

“Fantastic instructor, always willing to help and work with students.”

“Ben is an excellent instructor, and very knowledgeable in Revit. He has a great sense of humor, and a relaxed presence in the classroom.”