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Brian Kaneko

Brian Kaneko is a Certified Interior Designer and an independent interior designer.

Instructor Biography:

BA/MA, CSU Los Angeles; Designer/Principal, KMA Design, which offers a broad range of design services, including facilities planning, interior architecture, and industrial design.

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ARCH X 466EDesign Communication II


What students are saying:

In regards to Design Communication II:

“This class was challenging in the best way possible. The structure of the course was well planned and all the lessons corresponded well with each other. The material was broad and at first seemed like too much to handle, but this class proved that we can do much more than we think we can. The grading method was fair and each evaluation greatly helped me improve throughout the class.”

“I think this was the perfect level of difficulty after DC1. The two projects really built on each other and I really was able to fine tune my skills.”

“I thought this was an incredible course. I learned practical and useful information that pertains to the real world.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“I like this teacher very much. He is patient and extremely thorough. I enjoy his style of teaching. He is very personable.”

“I found him to be an excellent instructor, never wasting our time and giving detailed instruction, practice and handouts to help us do our own. His method of doing everything in class together before our homework as practice was very helpful.”

“Brian is a great teacher. He’s extremely organized and thorough with the material. I feel his degree of passion in teaching us to appreciate every aspect of the design world.”