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Chinmaya Misra

Misra, ChinmayaInstructor Biography:

MArch, co-owner, CHA:COL, a multidisciplinary design collaborative involved in retail, residential, and commercial projects. CHA:COL has been featured on HGTV and in Architectural Record, Dwell, and Los Angeles Times. A selection of the firm’s recent work was chosen for the exhibition “New Blood: Next Gen,” showcasing emerging Los Angeles design talent at the Museum of Architecture+Design.

Chinmaya teaches the Master’s Level course Interior Architecture Studio A. Registration for this course is restricted to MIA students only and can only be accessed via BroncoDirect.

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ARCH X 430CInterior Architecture Studio A

What students are saying:

In regards to Interior Architecture Studio A:

“The organization of the instructor’s course is excellent, material appropriate and challenging. Evaluation methods added to learning.”

“Very challenging! Material was a true blending of what we have learned so far. [The course] was intense, but I learned a lot.”

“The first few weeks were quite taxing. I wondered why we did so many exercises before we began the actual final project but in hindsight I have found that those exercises in fact helped me to better formulate my final design concept. In addition, the required number of physical models was a bit much but again very helpful for those of us that had never built models.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Chinmaya is the best instructor I have encountered so far in the program. An effective communicator and original thinker, she really pushes her students think outside the box. She gives plenty of individual attention to each student and offers insightful comments. In a class setting as such, each students felt compelled to do their best work.”

“The instructor is very knowledgeable about interior design, her communication skills are excellent, and the class participation is always good.”

“Chinmaya is an excellent instructor. She really pushed me, but the in the end it is worth the extra effort and stress.”

“She gave really great feedback, positive and negative, and really kept us working. It was so interesting to see all the different directions everyone took their projects. As the class progressed the students became more dependent on each others feedback–which the instructor encouraged! This is invaluable.”

“Her expectations were very high, she pushed us more than any other instructor I have ever had. She was well versed in the subject and really knew what she was talking about.”


Instructor Website: CHACOL, Inc.