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Eleanor Schrader

Schrader, Eleanor

Instructor Biography:

MBA, Loyola Marymount University. Mrs. Schrader also has done graduate work in fine arts and decorative arts at Sotheby’s Institute, London and New York, and graduate studies in architectural history at USC.

Mrs. Schrader is a professor at Santa Monica College where she teaches art history and architectural history. She conducts architectural tours in Los Angeles, has worked for a fine arts auction house, has served as a design review commissioner for the City of Beverly Hills, was named to Who’s Who Among American Teachers, and was a recipient of the UCLA Extension Department of the Arts Instructor of the Year Award, 2002, and the UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor Award, 2008.

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ARCH X 438Fundamentals of Interior Architecture

ARCH X 427.8BHistory of Environmental Arts: Part II

ARCH X 427.8CHistory of Environmental Arts: Part III

ARCH X 427.8DHistory of Environmental Arts: Part IV


What students are saying:

In regards to Fundamentals of Interior Architecture:

“This was a fantastic overview of interior design. I loved learning about the different architects/designers throughout history in the Los Angeles area. The guest speakers were inspiring and real.”

“Great introduction to the program, inspirational, and reassure me that I wanted to be in this type of career. I will never look at a building the same, I learn to appreciate different types of Architecture and Interior Design.”

“This course [successfully] introduces you to general topics of design and provides stimulating speakers with valid real life experience. The syllabus made sense and had good instructions on it as well as timelines.”

“I loved this class! It was a great introduction to design and we covered a little bit of everything, just enough to whet the appetite. The assignments were great and really opened up my eyes to the world of design.”

“The guest lecturers were excellent. I appreciated their candor regarding the challenges they encounter on a daily basis as well as the rewards working in interior design and architecture.”

In regards to History of Environmental Arts: Part II:

“Eleanor is a wonderful teacher. She’s so passionate about the history of design and architecture. She’s funny, and has great stories she infuses in her teaching that keeps the students from drifting. I never feel tired or distracted in her classes. Everybody did really well in their group presentations. And the study tours were really great in helping us develop our eye for the different periods and styles we learned about.”

“History has NEVER been a favorite subject of mine, but for the first time ever it has held my interest. Eleanor’s extensive knowledge of the subject is extraordinary and her enthusiasm really brings a fun and entertaining element to the class.”

In regards to History of Environmental Arts: Part II (Online):

“Eleanor is a great font of information and I always appreciate her enthusiasm. The museum trips were a great compliment to the online format and made the course feel like more of a group experience, rather than a solo one.”

“The online platform works well for lectures. Various periods from different countries were presented with appropriate emphasis in a well organized manner. The weekly writing assignments encourage independent research ensuring that the material sticks.”

In regards to History of Environmental Arts: Part III:

“This course was amazingly helpful as a designer. I see furnishings and style completely differently than I did before taking it.”

“I loved this class. There was a lot to cover and learn, but it was well organized. The material was very challenging but fun to learn at the same time.”

In regards to History of Environmental Arts: Part III (Online):

“I felt uneasy about taking an online course since I had never done so until now. But I am happy to say that I had a good experience.”

“The course and material are very interesting. I enjoyed the online lectures and the PowerPoints.”

In regards to History of Environmental Arts: Part IV:

“Very interesting and relevant. Organized and challenging.”

“We studied periods that I had never heard of and now I feel confident that I know enough to discuss about them. Also, the group presentations were really good to emphasize the characteristics of each period.”

In regards to History of Environmental Arts: Part IV (Online):

“The video lectures were good, very interesting. The assignments were valuable, I learned a lot.”

“I so enjoyed this class. Eleanor did a great job of covering a lot of ground in a fairly short period of time. I was not only inspired by what I learned, but have been able to immediately apply it to my job.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Loved her enthusiasm and energy. She’s a great person to teach an intro course because she’s open and engaging, not at all intimidating.”

“Eleanor Schrader is an outstanding and excellent instructor. She is knowledgeable and very supportive of all her students.”

“High energy, entertaining, always kept us engaged, knowledgeable and completely more than satisfied!”

“Eleanor Schrader is a treasure and our program is incredibly lucky to have her. The breadth and depth of her knowledge is matched by her passionate interest in her subject, which makes her a fabulous teacher. She makes the content fascinating.”

“Eleanor is amazing. Her lectures are so interesting, I would take any course she teaches!”


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