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Fernando de Moraes

Instructor Biography:

BArch, Southern California Institute of Architecture; graduate, Certificate Program in Interior Design, UCLA Extension. An interior designer, Mr. de Moraes is the founder and principal of Creative Resources Associates, ranked by Interior Design Magazine (October 1996) as one of the “100 Hotel and Restaurant Design Giants.” Fernando was honored with the 1995 & 2013 Instructor of the Year award at the annual Arts Outstanding Instructor Awards ceremony.

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ARCH X – Interior Architecture Studio IV

ARCH X 498Master’s Project Interior Architecture Documents


What students are saying:

In regards to Thesis Project Documents: 

“This course is very challenging and time consuming. The way Fernando structures the course is outstanding. He freely shares his experience and knowledge which helps us all grow further. The weekly lecture is insightful and quite helpful in preparing our documents.”

“The course was very informative and well organized. I’m so happy to have ended the program on a high note with a great class. While I felt challenged by the material, Fernando made it a very enriching learning experience.”

“The class really pulled all that we didn’t learn in the program together and gives us a glimpse into the real world!”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Fernando is the best instructor I’ve ever had. His lectures are succinct and he critiques students work methodically. He doesn’t waste time and it really helps to keep the class moving.”

“I can not speak highly enough of Fernando. What a great teacher. He is busy with his own company and really made time for us. He went the extra mile.”

“I feel very lucky to have had an instructor like Fernando. He’s extremely committed to his students. He always offers terrific feedback. I also think it makes a huge difference that he is an interior designer versus an architect – he makes certain to emphasize particular skills, methods, etc. that will make us better future professionals.”

“Fernando is an excellent instructor. One of the best I had in the program. He is thorough and detail oriented. He is always willing to go out of his way to help or meet outside of class.”


Instructor Website: Creative Resource Associates