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Joanne MacCallum

MacCallum, Joanne

Instructor Biography:

ASID, CID, IDEC; BA, USC, University of Colorado; Interior Design Certificate, UCLA Extension; Recipient of UCLA Extension Department of the Arts Outstanding Instructor of the Year Award, 2006. Ms. MacCallum is a certified interior designer and principal of JM Design, a residential and commercial interior design firm in Agoura Hills. Prior to studying interior design, she worked in television news as a correspondent and producer.


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ARCH X 433Interior Architecture Studio I


What students are saying:

In regards to Interior Architecture Studio I:

“Excellent material and coursework that gave me good design skills that I can apply in the field. Feeling comfortable with critiques, presenting ideas and giving feedback both positive a negative was an important skill I gained from this class.”

“This was by far my favorite class I’ve taken so far in the program. The way the class was set up created a comfortable work environment with classmates and Joanne. And I appreciate how organized the class was.”

“The course made me open my mind about the possibilities of space planning, something that we tend to overlook but as we learned in class is extremely important to the efficiency and success of a building. The class was really hard, with a lot of homework but at the end I think we all agreed that it helped us all evolve so much, it was incredible to see the difference in everyone’s final projects.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“She is very nice, helpful, organized and knowledgeable. This class was one of my favorite classes.”

“There was a lot of class participation and interaction. Joanne instructed the class very well and I believe we all felt very comfortable and well-informed.”

“[The Studio I] class really felt like it worked as a team even though we were primarily focused on our own projects. I think this is because Joanne was helpful in bringing us together and also in keeping us all on the same page, week to week. Joanne has a great deal of knowledge to impart to her students and she was serious about our education which helped keep a high level of production in the class. She was smart about the flow and I think that having the students do case studies was an excellent way to prepare us for the coursework. Joanne was an excellent teacher and cared very much about our work and our progress.”

“Joanne is an amazing professor! She pushed us every week to work harder, she always had great comments on how we could make our projects better, tips on how to draw our floor plans and sketches and she appreciated when the class helped each other, which I think is great.”