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Judith Corona

Corona, Judith

Instructor Biography:

MFA, visual artist who maintains an art studio in Malibu, has exhibited in the U.S. and Europe and directed many art and architecture study tours abroad. Among other professional achievements, Ms. Corona received a Studio Artist Fellowship from The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. She received the UCLA Extension Arts Department Instructor of the Year Award in 1993 and 2001 and the UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor Award in 2014.


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ARCH X 454AElements of Design I

ARCH X 452.1Color Theory and Application

ARCH X 454BElements of Design II


What students are saying:

In regards to Color Theory: 

“Judith makes color theory completely fascinating. Her lectures on the physics of color and the psychology of color, in combination with anecdotal examples and slideshow depictions of how color has been used in interior design throughout history, provided a comprehensive and multifaceted introduction to the topic. The creative philosophies she imparts (‘design is a process’ and ‘trust the method’) consistently resonate in this and other classes.”

“I felt challenged by the material. I learned a great deal. My awareness of color greatly improved. I can say I no longer have A favorite color–all colors have their right place in my thinking now.”

“Judith’s approach is excellent — I particularly enjoyed the group critiques at the start of each class as they gave us an opportunity to share our work and learn from others in the class.”

In regards to Elements of Design I: 

“Amazing!! Assignments were challenging and mind-opening. Judith taught us to see the world in a new way. We were encouraged to explore and express individual creativity.”

“I LOVED this class. I was challenged with every assignment, and amazed at the level of work I was able to accomplish. With every assignment, I thought “there is NO way I can do this”, then quickly realized upon execution, that I had been given the exact tools and information I needed to do the work. It was a revelation, and Judith is an incredible teacher.”

“I learned more from this one course than I did from all of the art classes I took in high school and college (and I have a BA in Art History and Studio Art!)”

In regards to Elements of Design II: 

“Good course. the projects were very good for beginning 3d thinking. The material seemed just right.”

“I really enjoyed this course! The evolution and progression of the class was fantastic, and I felt that the class, as a whole, really grew together. The projects were fun and interesting, and helped me to better understand and visualize elements of design in 3D terms.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Judith is an amazing instructor. She is strict and picky but she really cares that every student invests as much effort as possible into his or her work and does the best she or he possibly can. She carefully checked each work and discussed it with us, she was helpful in making suggestions how to improve certain aspect of our work, but she never been pushy or disrespectful to our views and tastes. I am very happy with the instructor and from now on I decided to take each class that Judith teaches at UCLA Extension.”

“Judith is a knowledgeable teacher & has designed a great general art class for designers. The assignments were thought-provoking, challenging & fun.”

“Judith is a real pro. Knows her subject matter and has a nice way of connecting with her students. She’s genuine, candid has high expectations but also meets every student at their own levels. She’s fantastic!”


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