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Kathy Pryzgoda

Pryzgoda, Kathy

Instructor Biography:

BA in theater, UCLA; owner/principal designer of the lighting firm, Light Studio LA, which specializes in residential and commercial lighting design. Ms. Pryzgoda has designed lighting for the Long Beach Opera, Los Angeles Classical Ballet, and the Jazz Tap Ensemble, among many others.

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ARCH X 467.15Lighting Design


What students are saying:

In regards to Lighting Design:

“This course blew my mind. Kathy is so passionate and involved in lighting on so many levels. She made the course something to look forward to.”

“Best course in the program, material was challenging but not overwhelming, and the information was structured and presented in a thoughtful way. The textbook for this class was very good and I plan to use it as a reference book for future projects.”

“The course was very comprehensive and as a result my knowledge of lighting practices is dramatically increased.”

“I absolutely loved this course. It was well structured, fast paced, and managed to pack a lot of information in to 12 weeks that absolutely benefit my design education.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Kathy was always prepared and covered a range of topics from retail to residential to lamps. She also was a fair grader.”

“Kathy is excellent! Very knowledgeable, engaging and clear and concise explanation of concepts.”

“Kathy is a real joy to have as an instructor. She is funny, down to earth and made learning about a topic that is not always exciting very interesting. I highly recommend her. I learned so much about lighting that I never knew existed.”

“Kathy is a professional and her knowledge in the field is very evident in her lectures. She has a great attitude and her expectations for students are very realistic knowing everyone comes from different levels of experience.”


Instructor Website: Light Studio LA