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Klara Kanai

Instructor Biography:

BS, Woodbury University, MA, Cal State L.A.  Interior Designer specializing in residential and commercial design; Principal, Kanai & Associates, which offers a broad range of interior design services.

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ARCH X 427.7Surface Materials


What students are saying:

In regards to Surface Materials:

“Klara had so much knowledge about the material, that it was easy to learn from her, and she was able to answer the toughest questions. She also created a learning environment that encouraged peer interaction, and showed real life examples of everything. I truly enjoyed this class.”

“It was DEFINITELY the course I learned the most about interior designing!!!”

“The material was very applicable to the field – I felt it was one of the first classes I’ve taken that will help me with the actual application of design. It was a LOT of information but very important. It was organized in a well thought-out manner. I really liked doing the notebooks that she had us do and felt I learned a lot from them. It is a bit overwhelming with the amount of material we covered, but the content was great.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“The instructor brought a great sense of humor along with a strong understanding of materials. She was delightful and a great instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the class.”

“Klara was amazing. Her upbeat attitude, kindness, respect for her students and overall passion for her work made this class one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in a long time!”

“Klara is an amazing, one of a kind instructor. Klara did everything in her power for us to really understand. Her knowledge is just spectacular and she really cares. And everything with great energies, fun and clear. I wish I had more instructors like her. Love her!”