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Larry Drasin

Drasin, Larry

Instructor Biography:

BS, industrial designer who specializes in special effects interiors for restaurants, microbreweries, and exhibitions; former manager of the product promotions department, Lockheed Aeronautical System Corporation; recipient of the UCLA Extension Department of the Arts Instructor of the Year Award, 2002 and 2009, and UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor Award, 2010


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ARCH X 467.17ADesign Communication I

ARCH X 466EDesign Communication II


What students are saying:

In regards to Design Communication I: 

“More than any class I have taken (and I’ve taken more than I care to share), this class provided a sense of personal accomplishment. I am amazed that we were able to learn so much and produce such high quality output in such a short span of time.”

“I was very satisfied with what I learned in the course. The projects were challenging, yet attainable. I liked the fact that I could view the online lectures as a backup.”

In regards to Design Communication I (Online): 

“The course in terms of material and assignments far exceeded my expectations. The instructor explained everything clearly, and the lessons every week were very helpful in broadening my knowledge in the interior design and architecture industries.”

“I really liked the course content and felt like the lectures/assignments progressed in a clear way that allowed me to sufficiently practice the concepts we were learning. I was impressed with the effectiveness of taking this as an online course. The quick video critiques every week were very helpful and I was able to learn from seeing the work done by the other students in the class.”

In regards to Design Communication II: 

“I was challenged by the assignments, it was very rewarding to see my results.”

“One of the most useful course in the program.”

In regards to Design Communication II (Online): 

“Each week was a great challenge and very time consuming but it was rewarding work. I can see myself using everything I learned in this class in my future as a designer.”

“Larry organized the lectures really nicely, breaking each one into a series of videos. They were all manageable to watch and re-watch. The materials was divided up in a logical way too. There was a lot to learn. I’m not sure I mastered everything but that is what DC3 is for. The online format worked out well for me though I did miss being in an actual class from time to time.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Larry was personable, professional, and an excellent motivator. He never sugar-coated the challenging nature of the course, but at the same time he held everyone to such high expectations that you just had to assume you must be capable of meeting them. He seemed to naturally understand what points needed clarification and when to review material. Overall, he was an excellent instructor.”

“Larry’s clear and instructive teaching method is wonderful. He breaks down every assignment making every step understandable. He is supportive no matter your skill level and teaches in a non-intimidating way.”

“Larry Drasin is terrific, informative and a wonderful instructor. His knowledge and comm skills are fantastic.”

“Larry is a knowledgeable and flexible instructor. He treated us as adult learners and respected our time and abilities.”