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Mark Owen

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Instructor Biography:

BArch, Woodbury University; MArch, UCLA; Professor of Architecture, Woodbury University; Director of Technology – Associate – Johnson Fain, an Architecture, Interiors, Urban Design + Planning firm in Los Angeles with a diverse body of work both domestically and international. Mr. Owen’s primary focus throughout his 20+ year career has been the integration of digital media and technology into the design, production, fabrication and construction process. He has participated in winning entries for numerous international competitions and has worked on a wide array of projects ranging from Architecture, Interiors, Product Development, Urban & Environmental Design. His current mix of professional and academic endeavors allows him to keep up with the rapid changing landscape of technology used in the design field and pass that knowledge onto his students. Mark was the recipient of the 2015 UCLA Extension Department of the Arts Outstanding Instructor Award.

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ARCH X 468.13A – Digital Presentation II: Revit Architecture I

ARCH X 438.13B – Digital Presentation III: Revit Architecture II

ARCH X 468.5B – Digital Presentation III: 3D CAD (Using SketchUp, SU Podium, and AutoCAD)



What students are saying:

In regards to Digital Presentation III: 3D CAD (Using SketchUp, SU Podium, and AutoCAD):

“At the beginning it was very challenging but slowly I got better with SketchUp. The material was challenging, but also a reasonable amount of work. I got helpful feedback on my work.”

“Great class! Great basic overview of AutoCAD. Also very helpful in learning SketchUp and Podium!”

“Class was organized well. The assignments were well-chosen to be challenging yet doable. Really helped to anchor the basics as well as established AutoCAD workflow best practices.”

In regards to Digital Presentation III: 3D CAD (Using SketchUp, SU Podium, and AutoCAD) (Online):

“The course material was very challenging–SketchUp is like learning another language! But we took baby steps each week until we got to the final project which was quite daunting at first.”

“Mark laid the material out in a very organized manner. I thought his instructional videos were extremely useful and thorough. With the online format I like being able to stop and rewind. I thought the material was very challenging, but very satisfying.”

“[This course] covers AutoCAD and SketchUp and importing drawings/models from one platform to the other, which is very important in today’s professional practice. Overall great learning experience. I really feel like I mastered the content.”

In regards to Digital Presentation II: Revit Architecture I (Online):

This course is scheduled to be offered beginning in Spring quarter. Check back later to read student testimonials!

In regards to Digital Presentation III: Revit Architecture II (Online):

This course is scheduled to be offered beginning in Summer quarter. Check back later to read student testimonials!

General remarks about the instructor:

“Mark posted content on time and replied to a question within hours. He gave great advice and encouraged us to do our best.”

“The instructor is highly knowledgeable in various platforms which reflects in his style of teaching. The choice assignments are challenging enough to get to the level where you would be able to face the demands of today’s job market.”

“Mark is awesome. Patient, knowledgeable , and had a lot to offer students in the way of readying them for real world applications. I got a job in the interior design industry’s after just 10 weeks because of Mark, and this course. I can’t say enough!!”