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Nicholas “Nick” Albert

Instructor Biography:

With more than thirteen years of combined experience in design, project management and construction, Nick Albert has a proven record of designing, managing and executing high quality architectural lighting and daylighting projects. Combining both natural and electric light within the architectural environment, Nick seeks to create projects that are memorable, responsive to their environment and that utilize light to shape and enhance the perception and experience of a space.

Nick’s extensive technical knowledge and hands-on experience in the construction process as well as his background in architecture and interior design inform his design vocabulary and allow Nick to develop projects that seamlessly integrate lighting within architecture. His passion for design and high attention to detail are combined with an appreciation for the subtle nuance of lights’ interaction in space to create unique lighting environments.

The wide range of projects that he has been involved in have taught Nick to strive for creativity, beauty and a sense of place, while maintaining close control of the efficiency and effectiveness of the design. Nick views lighting as an opportunity to provide value for his clients’ projects, creating spaces that can excite and inspire as well as providing critical functionality and comfort for those who work, live and play within.

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ARCH X 467.15Lighting Design

What students are saying:

In regards to Lighting Design:

“This course covered the basics in retail, commercial, hospitality, and residential lighting design to a satisfactory level, considering we only had 12 weeks.[…] I definitely felt challenged by the material and I definitely left this class knowing substantially more about lighting. The exams were challenging but we reviewed the material in class prior to each one so they felt like a fair evaluation. The assignments were all interesting, engaging, and very time consuming but I learned a lot.”

“Nick is a great instructor. He demonstrated a vast knowledge of the field of lighting design and also engaged the class in discussions about lighting. Nick was able to make a lot of very technical information understandable and provided a lot of information that gave the material real world context. I think we had the right balance of class participation and lecturing.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Nick was a great professor and had a lot of valuable information to share.”

“It was good to have a professional teaching the [lighting design] class. Material was presented well. “

Instructor website: Illuminate Lighting Design