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Ryan Garton

Garton, RyanInstructor Biography:

Ryan Garton is a graduate of the Arc ID program and has a Masters of Interior Architecture from UCLA Extension/Cal Poly Pomona.  He worked as a designer in both residential (Bondanelli Design Group) and commercial architecture and interior design (SAA) for over six years.  He is currently in the Art Directors Guild, working as a set designer in film and television.  His credits include Banshee (Cinemax), Intelligence (CBS), Masters of Sex (Showtime), Sleepy Hollow (Fox), The Grinder (Fox), Rosewood (Fox) and Jane the Virgin (CW).  He has taught and tutored students, architects, interior designers, landscape designers, developers, and production designers in SketchUp for years.


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What students are saying:

In regards to SketchUp (Online):

“The material was just the right pace, the videos were very thorough, and the order the material was covered in was perfect.”

“I already knew SkecthUp, but I needed the 2 units to graduate and it was actually very informative! I learned a few tricks that I never knew.”

In regards to Advanced SketchUp (Online):

“A challenging course but in a good way. Lots of work but manageable and very relevant to the program. I thought I knew SketchUp so well, but there were so many tools and shortcuts within the software that I had not seen or used much before!”

“Learning software like this lends itself well to the online format, unlike some courses. Both this and the first SkecthUp class should be required electives! Too many talented students graduate from the master’s without the proper level of rendering skills that they would/should learn from Ryan’s instruction.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“What a talented and inspiring instructor. Ryan is one of the only instructors I have had throughout the entire certificate and master’s level who was easily accessible, responded quickly, and communicated with us in a thoughtful and helpful manner. His excitement to teach us was palpable unlike many of the other classes I have taken.”

“The instructor was fantastic. He was clear and very effective at communicating ideas via the online format.”

“Ryan is very knowledgeable about SketchUp and very responsive to student questions and problems.”

Instructor Website: Ryan Garton