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Steven Drucker

Instructor Biography:

AIA, MArch, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.  Architect and designer whose work encompasses architectural, interior, graphic, and furniture design.  Mr. Drucker has been involved in retail, institutional, and commercial projects with particular emphasis on corporate and office design and space planning. Steven was honored with the 2014 Instructor of the Year award at the annual UCLA Extension Arts Outstanding Instructor Awards ceremony.


Steven teaches Master’s Level courses. Registration for these courses are restricted to MIA students only.

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ARCH X 471.125Concept Driven Design: Visual Seminar and Studio

ARCH X 497Research and Programming Methodologies


What students are saying:

In regards to Research and Programming Methodologies:

Student remarks for this class coming soon! Check back later for updated information.

In regards to Master’s Project Interior Architecture Studio:

“This was by far my favorite Studio Class. Steven is an amazing instructor and really takes the time to get to know his students and help them work through their thesis projects without giving too much instruction. Steven likes for his students to work through the problems in their projects on their own, but will offer guidance when necessary.”

“Having a number of critics available to review our midterm and final projects was extremely useful. Having to present in front of so many critics is always a bit intimidating for me, but it is a great example of how a presentation to a client would be in the real world. I greatly appreciate the opportunity of practice a real world scenario.”

“I loved the fact that we were given a lot of room to truly explore our concept and ideas, but plenty of constructive input to go along with it. Absolutely my best work ever because of it.”

“The quality of the critiques at the mid-term and the final were the best ever! Very helpful and honest.”

General remarks about the instructor:

“Steven KNOWS HIS STUFF! Every project got so much stronger because of his input. He’s really strong in his wide-ranging and deep knowledge of interior architecture, space planning and approaches to use of space.”

“Steven is a fantastic instructor. He is a veteran in his trade and has he ability to read a floor plan in seconds. Helpful, and intelligent I really respected him as an instructor and designer. I really liked how he had his students research and study their thesis through the entire quarter rather than make us work quickly through our ideas. I also liked how Steven would give students that really needed his attention time and would make sure to speak to them at the beginning of class. It is obvious he cares deeply for his students.”


Instructor Website: Shlemmer + Algaze + Associates