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Interested in Feng Shui?!

Mainini, Simona

Interested in Feng Shui?!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, UCLA Extension is offering a 6-week course beginning October 31st.

Simona Mainini, Doctorate in Architecture, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy; Founder and Senior Consultant, Feng Shui for Architecture, Inc.; Author, Feng Shui for Architecture: How to Design, Build, and Remodel to Create a Healthy and Serene Home; Author, ZenWorkplace, How to Use Feng Shui To Reduce Office Stress.  Will be teaching the 6-week course beginning on October 31st.

Registration is limited. Click the link below to Enroll today.

Registration for Feng Shui

Here is a little information about the course:

“This course examines the principles and application of Feng Shui. Discussion explores the basic theories from which Feng Shui derives; how human physiology interacts with the surrounding environment; landscape evaluation and correction; best orientations, layout, colors, and materials based on the occupant’s energy; how building orientation and year affects a building’s energy and occupants; and applying these principles to a building in varying stages of development.”

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