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Interview with Henry Lien, our Interior Design Law I & II Instructor

Gallery LectureWhat sort of material is covered in the Law I class?

I know that for most non-lawyers, you read a contract and the only words in it you understand are “the” and “and”. Interior Design Law I is devoted to the designer-client contract, helping you understand the contract, and making sure yours is doing what you want it to do. Designers need to have not only a good contract with their client but also to understand what you agreed to in the contract, so that you can conduct business accordingly. While the course is not offering legal advice or training you to be a lawyer per se, it does seek to impart some basic legal street smarts to help minimize the chance of legal problems in your client relationships. Also, fun and law don’t usually occur in the same sentence, but the course is designed to be as enjoyable as any course on law can be. Students learn better when they are engaged and they are engaged better when they aren’t bored unconscious by the material. That’s where the fun can be useful.

Do students need to have previous Law or Interior Design Law knowledge to take these classes?

Nope. Just bring your brain and willingness to learn. The course is also structured so that there is no textbook to purchase. All materials were created by me and given to the students free of charge, and will include numerous actual court cases involving sad stories of interior designers and the legal mishaps they got into. There are no assignments and no homework. Just the weekly quizzes testing the reading for the week.Gallery Lecture 2

Is Interior Design Law II a continuation of Interior Design Law I?

Not per se. Interior Design Law II is not a sequel, nor a prequel, but an equal. Interior Design Law I covers just the designer-client relationship. Interior Design Law II covers more exotic topics like intellectual property rights, employment issues, business competition issues, and insurance issues, but requires no prior legal knowledge or instruction. You can take Interior Design Law I first, and then Interior Design Law II, or Law II first and then Law I, or just keep enrolling in them every quarter in an endless cycle of lifelong learning.

For more information about Henry Lien and for a listing of his upcoming classes, please visit his instructor page.


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