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Monday News

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! We have some new bits of news to share.

***DWELL magazine’s events announce a great tour entitled “It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod City.” The tour will take place Saturday, November 8th from 10am – 4pm and will begin at the Los Angeles Conservancy, 523 West Sixth Street, Suite 826 Los Angeles, California 90014. Correction: The “It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod City” tour does not begin at the Los Angeles Conservancy office. The tour is a self-driving tour, so tourgoers get to choose their own route. Visit the website for more info (thank you to commenter Constance for the heads up!) Cost is $10-30.
An Excerpt from the press release:
“Join the Los Angeles Conservancy and its Modern Committee as they explore 1960s non-residential gems…This special one-time-only tour will highlight sites including the iconic 1961 LAX Theme Building, with access to the observation deck (open for the first time since 2001)…This tour is part of the Conservancy and Modern Committee’s “The Sixties Turn 50″ program.”

Get more info and buy tickets HERE.

***Interior Design Magazine has details on the 2010 Green Good Design Awards. Green Good Design’s mission is “to find the most innovative design approach for new products, buildings, and environments that center on the idea of repairing our world with sustainable and ecological alternatives.”

They are currently accepting applications for products and projects that offer design solutions for a sustainable environment. These products and projects must have been designed or produced after January 1, 2008. The deadline to submit applications is November 1, 2009 and forms and entry information are available at The European Centre website. Award winners will be announced next spring, so get to it Arc_ID students! We know you have innovative ideas and now is your chance to share them.

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