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New Course: Interior Design Law I


See this sconce? Stylish, isn’t it. Apparently, you are not the only one who thought so.

It was made by an interior designer in San Francisco. A famous Italian-themed hotel in Las Vegas liked it too and asked the designer to submit a bid for 11,000 of them. The designer was able to submit a competitive bid by finding a manufacturer in China to produce them in bulk but still meet the designer’s design and quality standards. The hotel then secretly circumvented the designer, rejected his bid, and hired the Chinese manufacturer directly. Does the designer have a claim for breach of contract? What if there was no written contract?

This is one of many actual cases that will be studied in Interior Design Law I — The Designer-Client Relationship. Henry Lien, who is a fine art dealer and who practiced business litigation for many years, will teach the principals of contractual law as applied to the relationship between the the designer and the client. The course is meant to illustrate how relying on a form contract may not be enough. While not intended as legal advice or to teach designers how to act as lawyers, the course seeks to teach designers to understand the laws that govern their profession so that they develop good business instincts on how to protect themselves, avoid legal disputes, and honor their legal obligations to their clients.

Class begins on September 26th, so click on the link below if you are interested in signing up!



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