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Program Information & Updates – Holidays & Events

Unfortunately, this update won’t contain any information about the subject on all our minds, the MIA program. However, we want to make sure you are all prepared for the next couple of weeks:

1) The Resource Library at 1010 Westwood will be CLOSED all next week (March 22 -26) so our librarians can tend to their finals. The library is open this Wednesday (3/17) from 10am -7pm, and Thursday(3/18) from 2:30 – 7pm so please make use of these hours! Because of past problems with messes, theft, and general disarray we cannot allow students into the library without a librarian present. We thank you for your understanding.

2) Our office, and the UNEX buildings, will be CLOSED next Friday, March 26th for Cesar Chavez Holiday. This means that we will be unable to assist you at this time, and that projects cannot be turned in that day. Please be sure that you turn in your projects on time and please make a note of that closure date. Also, please remember that we CANNOT keep projects indefinitely due to limited space, and we are NOT responsible for projects left in our office longer than two quarters. It is your responsibility to check on these projects and pick them up in a timely manner. Thank you!

3) Please remember that most courses require you to drop by the second week of class for a refund. Be sure to check the refund dates of the courses you are enrolled in for Spring. You can do so by looking at the PDF Catalog. Also, Please note that SUMMER 2010 enrollment will begin online April 12th.

4) If you wish to be a librarian in a future quarter please email hhintzen@uclaextension.edu to be added to the waitlist. You must take Surface Materials to serve as a librarian but you will be added to the waitlist with a disclaimer if you have not yet completed this course. Librarians earn money toward the cost of a class for their service.

5) Please check out our Scholarship blog posts for information about upcoming contests and prizes. There are several deadlines quickly approaching! Also, be sure to check out PDC’s WestWeek 2010 next Wednesday and Thursday, and our ASID UCLA Extension student chapter website for information about future events. Also, consider volunteering for the A+D Museum or the Venice Garden & Home show to earn some cool benefits/ freebies. We’re trying to help you, and make sure you have fun! Hugs all around.

Thank you for making note of the updates, and we hope you can attend the events/win some of the generous scholarships out there!

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