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Richard Neutra Sketches Exhibit

Richard Neutra, Architect: Sketches and Drawings is an ongoing exhibit through the Los Angeles Public Library system. As the website states the exhibit is “An outstanding selection of travel sketches, figure drawings and building renderings by one of modernism’s most important architects, Richard Neutra (1892-1970).”

The sketches, on loan from UCLA’s Charles E. Young Research Library, will be on display in the exhibit until March 28, 2010, at Central Library’s Getty Gallery, 630 W. Fifth St., downtown Los Angeles. The exhibit is free and open to the public during regular library hours. The exhibit can be be accompanied by a free audio tour featuring a discussion among a group of diverse people on the subject of the artistry and importance of Richard Neutra. Produced by Sandpail Productions, the audio tour includes such voices as Ray Kappe, Kelly Lynch, Sarah Lorenzen, Leo Marmol, Dion Neutra, and Victoria Steele. The audio tour will be available in the gallery via cell phone or by download to an mp3 player.

We encourage you all the make a visit. It’s beautiful and FREE!


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