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Scholarship Opportunity: NEWH Sustainable Hospitality Design Competition!

SustainableDesignCompetitionNEWH is proud to host the tenth annual Sustainable Design Competition scholarship. The NEWH Sustainable Design Competition will provide students with the opportunity to showcase their design skills while utilizing the very best in sustainable design products and practices. The competition guidelines change year to year. Current guidelines can be found on our website www.newh.org.


Click here for more information and for application forms.


Application Deadline: 

Applications must be completed by DECEMBER 18, 2015 and returned by these methods:

BY MAIL: NEWH, Inc. P.O. Box 322, Shawano, WI 54166
BY FAX: 800.693.NEWH (6394)
BY EMAIL: newh.scholarship@newh.org

Scholarship Award:

$5000 Primary Scholarship Award to an Undergraduate Student
$5000 Secondary Scholarship Award to a Graduate Student


This competition is open to all interior design students (Junior level and above) attending an accredited program.  Program must be minimum 4-year program or graduate program. Instructors may use the competition as a class project. Instructors need to evaluate class work and submit no more than five of the best projects for consideration.


Sustainable Hospitality Design Competition

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