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Simona Mainini

Mainini, Simona

Instructor Biography:

Doctorate in Architecture, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy; Founder and Senior Consultant, Feng Shui for Architecture, Inc.; Author, Feng Shui for Architecture: How to Design, Build, and Remodel to Create a Healthy and Serene Home; Author, ZenWorkplace, How to Use Feng Shui To Reduce Office Stress.

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ARCH X 443.45 – Feng Shui for Designers and Architects





What students are saying:

In regards to Feng Shui for Designers and Architects:

“I felt the class was an excellent introduction to Feng Shui. The material was well communicated and motivating.”

“Well organized within the time limits of the course. Lots of concrete information. Challening expecially at the end where results are expected.”

“We were trained in the use of the compass, watched slides of visual examples, and used diagrams by the instructor and the students. Great fun!!!”

General remarks about the instructor:

“She was outstanding. Her methods were through and she went out of her way to help me when I was falling behind.”

“I felt that the instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject.”

“Very knowledgeable and really opened my eyes to the principles of feng shui.”


Instructor Website: Feng Shui Architecture