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History of Environmental Arts

This specialization includes 4 courses and provides a survey of Environmental arts of the Western world. Instruction focuses on the built environment as influenced by geographical location, as well as the social, religious, economic, and political forces of each historical period. Courses address major monuments in terms of function, symbolism, methods of fabrication, style, use of color, and ornament, as well as significance. The major artists, architects, and designers of the various periods also are introduced. Illustrated lectures, selected readings, and student projects develop an appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of the Western world, as well as the ability to utilize library and museum resources, and recognize and evaluate significant environmental design movements. This specialization helps participants develop an understanding of the achievements of the past in order to more fully understand the present.

Approximate Program Tuition: $3156
Approximate Cost of Books and Materials: $96
Specialization Candidacy Fee: $50
Unit Requirement: 16

4 Required Courses (16 units)

Course No. | Title Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
ARCH X 427.8A History of Environmental Arts: Part I 4
ARCH X 427.8B History of Environmental Arts: Part II 4
ARCH X 427.8C History of Environmental Arts: Part III 4
ARCH X 427.8D History of Environmental Arts: Part IV 4

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