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Welcome to Spring 2016 Quarter!

Spring 2016 CatalogWelcome to the first day of Spring Quarter 2016 at UCLA Extension! Classes officially begin today, March 28 and end on June 19. Here’s a few tips to get you started!


If you’re still looking for a class or two to enroll in for the Spring 2016 quarter, click here to see which classes are still open!


If you are planning to start an internship for the Spring 2016 Quarter, then you’ll need to know all the steps to take in order to receive internship credit. Read THIS ARTICLE for more information.


Make sure to check your class schedule to confirm you are enrolled in the right class for the quarter and to verify the time, day, and room of each of your classes. Go to www.uclaextension.edu and login to My Extension.  Here, you will not only be able to verify your enrollment, but you can also change your grade credit status, request a withdrawal or refund out of a class.

If you’re enrolled in an online class or a class that uses Canvas, our institutional learning management system (LMS), click here to learn more about how to get set up.


If you are on a wait-list for a class you absolutely need, don’t give up just yet! You may have a chance to get into the class. 

Are you a Candidate in the Interior Design Certificate Program? Are you an international student? Are you enrolled in Financial Aid?

If you answered yes to any of these three questions, then you have wait-list priority! Students with this criteria are automatically bumped to the top of the wait-list—above students who do not fit into these categories—in the order of date they are added.

What happens when you are offered a spot in the class for which you are wait-listed?

As spaces open, wait-listed students are contacted, granted Permission to Enroll (PTE), and provided enrollment instructions.

If you’re lucky enough to be offered a spot in a class you’ve been waiting for, grab it while you can! There are usually many other students on wait-lists and if you do not claim your PTE within several days of it being granted, then it will be revoked and the opportunity to enroll will be granted to the next person.

If the class that you were granted PTE for is the only class you want to take this quarter but you’ve already signed up for another class, call the Registration Office at (310) 825-9971 and transfer the payment from your unwanted class to the new class. Depending on the difference in course fees, additional payment may be needed or credit may be added to your student account.

What happens if you don’t receive PTE before the class starts?

You’re not out of luck just yet. Go to the first day of class! Students who do not show up to the class that they are wait-listed for will automatically lose their chance of getting into the class. If space becomes available, instructors typically grant permission to enroll for the wait-listed students who attended the first (and sometimes even second) class meeting.

Online classes are a little trickier. Sometimes online instructors will over-enroll the class to accommodate wait-listed students, so if you are in desperate need to enroll in a class, please let us know. Call (310) 825-9061 or email the Program Rep for the class.

Did you received PTE but no longer need or want to enroll in the class?

If you receive PTE but don’t need the class anymore, please contact the Arc+ID Program Rep for that class and let them know so they can revoke your PTE and remove you from the wait-list.

What happens if you don’t receive PTE at all?

Wait-listed students who remain unsuccessful at getting into the class they want are automatically sent an early notice of all sections of the same course offered in the upcoming term.

You can remove yourself from wait-lists at any time by calling (310) 825-9061.

To prevent yourself from getting on another wait-list, register for classes as soon as the registration period opens! Check the UCLA Extension Academic Calendar or the UCLA Extension catalog (inside the front cover) for registration dates!


Last chance to enroll in Spring 2016 classes!

Spring 2016 Quarter starts in just two weeks! Most of you have your schedules set already, but just in case you’re still looking for one or two more classes to enroll in this quarter, check out the following still-open or newly added classes:

Due to popular demand, we’ve added another section of Lighting Design to the Spring 2016 schedule!

Lighting Design
Reg#: 266313
Location: 1010 Westwood Center, Room 320
Meeting Start/End Dates: March 28 – June 13
Meeting Time/Day: Mondays, 3-6pm
Instructor: Kathy Pryzgoda, BA in theater, UCLA; owner/principal designer of the lighting firm, Light Studio LA, which specializes in residential and commercial lighting design. Ms. Pryzgoda has designed lighting for the Long Beach Opera, Los Angeles Classical Ballet, and the Jazz Tap Ensemble, among many others.

Click here to register for this class online!

Other Interior Design Certificate classes that are still open for the Spring 2016 quarter:

264441Fundamentals of Interior Architecture
Monday, 6:30-9:30pm
March 28 – June 13

264416 – Elements of Design I
Tuesday, 12:30-3:30pm
March 29 – June 7

264423Elements of Design I (Online)
March 30 – June 15

264441 – Design Communication III
Wednesday, 3:30-6:30pm
March 30 – June 15

264242 – Revit Architecture I
Saturday, 9am-12:30pm
April 2 – June 11 (10 mtgs, no mtg 5/28)

264241 – Revit Architecture I (Online)
March 29 – June 14

264244 – Revit Architecture II
Saturday, 1-4:30pm
April 2 – June 11 (10 mtgs, no mtg 5/28)
Prerequisite: X 438.13A Revit Architecture I or prior Revit experience.

264236Digital Presentation I: Photoshop/Illustrator (Online)
Online class (students will be able to login to the Canvas classroom starting on March 27)
March 29 – June 14

264239 – Digital Presentation II: 2D CAD/AutoCAD (Online)
Online class (students will be able to login to the Canvas classroom starting on March 27)
March 29 – June 14
Prerequisite: X 468.20 Digital Presentation I: Photoshop/Illustrator or previous Photoshop & Illustrator experience.

265157 – Digital Presentation III: 3D CAD/AutoCAD (Online)
Online class (students will be able to login to the Canvas classroom starting on March 27)
March 29 – June 14
Prerequisite: X 468.20 Digital Presentation I: Photoshop/Illustrator or previous Photoshop & Illustrator experience.

Open Elective classes:

NEW CLASS! 264288 – Concept Driven Design: Visual Seminar and Studio
Tuesday, 7-10pm
March 29 – June 14

NEW CLASS! 264259 – Advanced Portfolio and Presentation Techniques
Thursday, 6:30-10pm
March 31 – June 2 (10 mtgs)

NEW CLASS! 264248 – Advanced SketchUp (Online)
Online class (students will be able to login to the Canvas classroom starting on March 28)
May 11 – June 15 (6 mtgs)

264246 – SketchUp (Online)
Online class (students will be able to login to the Canvas classroom starting on March 28)
March 30 – May 4 (6 mtgs)

264245 – Photographing Architecture & Interiors (Online)
Online class (students will be able to login to the Canvas classroom starting on March 28)
March 30 – June 15

264251 – Interior Design Law I
Wednesday, 3:30-6:30pm
March 30 – May 4 (6 mtgs)

264253 – Interior Design Law II
Wednesday, 3:30-6:30pm
May 11 – June 15 (6 mtgs)

264255 – Feng Shui for Designers & Architects
Wednesday, 7-10pm
May 11 – June 15 (6 mtgs)

To register for any of these classes online, click on the hyperlinked course title listed above then select “Add to Cart” and complete the Checkout. To register over the phone, please call (310) 825-9971 from 8am-5pm on Monday-Friday. Have the Reg# for the class and your credit card information ready.

For additional questions about these classes or other Arc+ID classes, please email arc_id@uclaextension.edu or call (310) 825-9061.

Apply to the Master of Interior Architecture Program!

Do you have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA? Have you completed the 82 prerequisite units in the Certificate/Foundation Level or have equivalent coursework completed? If so, you are eligible to apply to the Master of Interior Architecture degree program at UCLA Extension.

The deadline to submit the Master of Interior Architecture application for SPRING QUARTER 2016 is January 1, 2016. 

Spring 2016 begins March 28, 2016. You can begin submitting your application materials any time between now and the deadline.

CLICK HERE to get started!


If you are applying as an International Student, please refer to the Cal Poly Pomona Admission Requirements for International Students for further instructions.

International students are required to supply additional materials when applying to the MIA program. If you are an international student, click here for application requirement details. Please note: You will only need to submit those items to Cal Poly Pomona and are not required to send them to UCLA Extension. However, in addition to those items, you are still required to provide the application materials listed below.