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This is a quick-start guide for prospective Certificate and Master students.  Please note: most of this information does not apply to International Students.

Certificate of Interior Design Students:

  1. Review the Certificate Program Courses on the Curriculum Sequence – Map out which classes you should be enrolling in per quarter in order to efficiently progress through the program.
  2. Enroll in classes – You can take as many courses as you feel you can handle during a quarter. Many students who work full-time typically take 1-2 classes per quarter. You are free to skip a quarter, and you have 5 years from the date of your candidacy acceptance to complete your certificate.
  3. Establish Candidacy in the Arc+ID Certificate program – Students can take up to 5 classes in the Arc+ID program before they must establish candidacy. The Interior Design Candidacy Fee is $250, non-refundable, non-transferable. To establish candidacy, click here and select “Apply Now” or call the Enrollment Office at (310) 825-9971. Please note: International Students are required to attend at a full-time pace (minimum of 12 units per quarter) and must establish Candidacy before starting classes. To apply for Candidacy as an International Student, click here. For more information, please visit the International Student Office or call (310) 825-9351.
  4. Graduate! – In order to earn your Certificate of Interior Design, all 18 Certificate/Foundation Level courses (82 units) must be completed with a recorded letter grade. Once you’re about ready to graduate, fill out the Intent to Graduate Form and submit it to the Arc+ID office. Want to participate in the graduation ceremony? See if you are eligible and then opt-in! Click here for graduation ceremony details.
  5. Apply to the Master’s Program – You’ve just completed the prerequisites for the Master’s Program! If you also have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA, then  you’re eligible to be admitted into the Master of Interior Architecture program! Click here for MIA application details.

Have questions? Review the Certificate Program FAQs or contact the Arc+ID administration office by calling (310) 825-9061 or emailing arc_id@uclaextension.edu.

Master of Interior Architecture Students:

  1. Review the Master’s Program Courses on the Curriculum Sequence – Map out which classes you should be enrolling in per quarter in order to efficiently progress through the program. In order for total efficiency, students must enroll in only courses in the order they are listed in the Curriculum Sequence. Note that Master students need at least 8 units of electives in order to graduate. Elective courses can be taken at any quarter.
  2. Enroll in classes – Master students can take as many courses as they can handle during a quarter. However, there are certain classes that you must enroll in per quarter. These classes are marked with two asterisks on the Curriculum Sequence. Additionally, you must register for these required classes through Cal Poly Pomona’s BroncoDirect System. Classes not marked with asterisks are available through UCLA Extension.
  3. Graduate! – In order to earn your Master of Interior Architecture degree, all 11 Advanced Level courses (55 units) plus 8 units of elective credit, specialization credit, internship credit, or a combination of the three categories (63 total units). Students must submit a graduation application through Bronco Direct by the appropriate deadline. For those deadlines as well as additional information about graduation, please see the Cal Poly Pomona Graduation Application details.

Have questions? Review the Master of Interior Architecture FAQs or contact the Arc+ID administration office by calling (310) 825-9061 or emailing arc_id@uclaextension.edu.

Contact us today and we’ll send you more information about the Certificate and/or Master of Interior Architecture program.