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The NEWH Sustainable Design Competition

Sustainable Design Competition

Arc+ID Masters students.  The NEWH Sustainable Design Competition provides students with the opportunity to showcase their design skills while utilizing the very best in sustainable design products and practices. Our sponsors have generously donated the awards – one to the winning undergraduate student and one to the winning graduate student and student airfare and lodging to the awards event. NEWH, Inc. proudly announces the $5,000 NEWH Clifford R. Tuttle Scholarship Award to students pursuing a degree in Hospitality Interior Design. The selected recipient will be honored at HD Platinum Circle Awards in New York City, November 2016. The scholarship recipient is required to attend the award presentation with travel and lodging provided by NEWH, Inc.

PROJECT DEADLINE: January 30th, 2017 5:00pm EST

Submit items by email* to: newh.scholarship@newh.org

*Mailing address for letters or transcripts (if needed):
NEWH, Inc.
Post Office Box 322
Shawano, WI 54166


  • Rapid visualization/sketches of concept (actual and/or virtual)
  • Conceptual floor & reflected ceiling plans
  • Conceptual interior elevations: essential walls only, to communicate important elements of the design concept.  Note:  the communication of your concept should be active rather than static.  Using rapid visualizations and perspectives are the preferred method of communicating your story.  This is a “story board” project – please strive to keep your presentation dynamic!
  • Finish plans & finish schedule for all areas presented in their design concept
  • FF&E floor plans and specifications, including art and artifacts
  • Millwork design, lighting schedule and specifications – essential elements only as needed to communicate concept
  • Student should include signage, menu design and other graphic elements as they are related to their concept/design
  • Index of Green Sources/Plans/Specs
  • A budget is not required for this project so have fun!
  • Actual work may be completely created virtually and submitted in this format or actual work may be photographed and submitted digitally
  • Bibliography   Submit below items in (1) PDF file:
  • Design Intent narrative – max 500 word essay describing their design intent and project description
  • Short Biography about student
  • Student Resume
  • NEWH Project Submittal Form
  • Optional: 10 minute video presentation of your concept
  • Headshot  & Project Images (only if selected as the winner – submit in separate JPG files)


Email: newh.scholarship@newh.org
Phone: 800.593.6394

Students are encouraged to supply all necessary information to assist us in selecting the most worthy candidates. Students do not need to be a member to apply however, students and full-time educators can join NEWH for free. Membership offers endless networking and educational opportunities, online career network and more.


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