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Tidbits of News (9.17.09)

LEED Teacher is offering single-day Los Angeles seminars in October & December. While we do not necessarily endorse any particular form of test preparation, these are presented as one of many fine options for students preparing to take the LEED Exam. You can register for seminars on October 1, October 22 or December 3 by visiting their website.

A new Panelite case study was just released in their September Newsletter. It is an interesting read regarding a sustainable solution to the need for privacy on the CSUF campus’ Henry Madden library. We would also like to note that one of our very own graduates, Sean Kim, (who also provided us with the header image) designed the interiors for this library while working for AC Martin.
Case study preview:
Case Study: Henry Madden Library, California State University, Fresno CA
Design: AC Martin Partners
Product: Panelite ClearShade IGU with clear tubular honeycomb

The architects’ challenge was to enclose the upper-story reading room of the new Henry Madden Library for privacy and a sense of focused calm while allowing views to the campus. Their aesthetic intent for the library was to reference two local elements: the tectonics and craft of basket weaving and the varied textures of the agricultural landscape.

To accomplish these privacy, vision and aesthetic goals they chose Panelite’s translucent ClearShade IGU. The glass panels read as a monolithic surface from the exterior while from the interior, the light quality, directional transparency and spectacular unfolding views create an ephemeral effect. In addition to providing 48% visible light transmission, the ClearShade product offers superior Solar Heat Gain performance due to the shading function of the honeycomb core , contributing to the building’s energy efficiency. ”

You can visit their website to subscribe to their newsletters about products and projects.

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