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UCLA Extension Scholarships for Certificate Students

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We just received news about this year’s UCLA Extension Certificate Student Scholarships. You MUST be a enrolled as a candidate in a program (not just taking courses) in order to be eligible. These scholarships are staff-sponsored. If you’d like to offset the cost of your education in today’s challenging economy, apply for one today! With these scholarships—funded solely by UCLA Extension staff—we recognize our certificate students as representative of all students who have helped UCLA Extension become one of the top 5 continuing education programs in the country.

Minimum scholarship awards of $500 will be granted from a total pool of $2,400. Scholarship awards may be used to offset any UCLA Extension course fees. These scholarships are not awarded based on financial need and applicants need not submit any financial documentation. In addition, there are certificate scholarship funds solely for women who are seeking to further their education through Extension Application deadline is Sun., Apr. 18, 2010, midnight.
You can get more information HERE.

We wish you all luck, and encourage you to apply!


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2 Responses to “UCLA Extension Scholarships for Certificate Students”

  1. Antonieta Becerra June 15, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    I’m Interested in pursuing a career in Interpretation and Translation.
    I would like to know how can apply for the UCLA Extension Certificate Student Scholarship.
    The Certification program starts on September 2010.
    or if there is other scholarships that UCLA offers.
    I really appreciate all the help and information.
    Sincerely, and desperate for help.
    Antonieta Becerra

  2. hedye gamini July 16, 2010 at 11:05 am #

    Im an iranian student,i will finish my bachelor of architecture by september.
    I want to come to Ucla for master of architecture.
    my grade ia A ,(88)
    how can i get the application form,for the admission?and if i can get the scholarship,please help the right way.
    i am skillful,in Autocad.Archicad,photoshop,painting,photograohy.
    and i know iranian dancing very well.
    i play tennis,volleyball,swimming.

    thanks alot

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