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Upward Bound House has opened!

You may recall that we had written previously about Upward Bound House‘s call for donations. Well, Upward Bound House has now officially opened! The designers, led by the talented Vanessa De Vargas of Turquiose, each received a room to work on with various sizes and design needs. The rooms were designed to accomodate a parent (or parents) and 2 children, sometimes 3. The designers worked completely pro bono and the majority of materials were donated by generous firms and companies.

Many members of the Arc_ID staff attended the opening alongside program students and graduates who put in much time and effort to make the project a reality. We would like to commend Sallie Tchang, Bridgid Coulter, and Rachel Winokur for their hard work with the project. The site is a renovated motel on Washington Boulevard in Culver City. We think this is such a worthy cause and we were honored that our staff and students (former and current) could be a part of it. Please visit Upward Bound House’s website to find out how you can still contribute and help them eradicate homelessness in Los Angeles.


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